BJP Cooks 5000 Kg Khichdi To Impress Dalit Votes. Netizens Respond Hilariously

5:08 pm 7 Jan, 2019


Political parties are leaving no stone unturned in wooing the general public of India before the upcoming elections of 2019. For a long period of time, BJP leaders are working out a strategy to involve the voters who have traditionally been against the party, which includes Dalits and Muslims. Hoping to connect with Dalits, BJP hosted a grand khichdi feast at the Ramlila Maidan on January 6 and cooked 5,000 kg of Khichdi. It was called “samrasta khichdi“.

The khichdi was cooked and served as part of BJP’s Bhim Mahasangam programme. With this event, the party is eyeing a world record in Guinness.




The rice and lentils were collected from the Dalits only. The khichdi was prepared in a single vessel with 400 kg of rice, 100 kg of lentils, 350 kg of vegetables, 100 kg of desi ghee, 100 litres of oil, 2,500 litres of water and 250 kg of spices. Delhi BJP SC Morcha president, Mohan Lal Gihara informed that the khichdi was served to 25,000 people at the Ramlila Maidan. The chef Vishnu Manohar was specially called from Nagpur. He had earlier attempted a world record by preparing 3000 kilograms of khichdi in Nagpur.





But surprisingly, this is how the netizens reacted on BJP’s ‘khichdi-politics’.

















At this moment, we can’t say that how much this ‘Khichdi-feast’ will benefit the party, but at least we can hope that the citizens are smart enough to understand this. What is your opinion on this step by BJP?

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