11 Reasons Why The BJP Lost And AAP Won The Delhi Elections

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5:12 pm 10 Feb, 2015

1. Kiran Bedi.

Accept it or not, Kiran Bedi was the worst choice for BJP. (And her loss from the Krishnanagar Seat proves this.) BJP should know that people hate anything related to the police, and her image is that of a stickler of rules. A society that loves breaking traffic laws would not want her as CM.

BJP CM candidate

Reuters/Anindito Mukherjee


2. BJP’s choice of CM candidate miffed many.

There was internal dissent within the ranks of the saffron party because of the sudden arrival of Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate. Would you not hate it if you are told that you’ll get job only to be betrayed at the last moment?



3. Everyone opposed to BJP threw their weight behind AAP.

Their weight matters because it comprises of a certain Mamata Banerjee, a certain Prakash Karat and, above all, the Shahi Imam of the Jama Masjid, Syed Ahmed Bukhari.


4. Hubris (meaning: excessive pride).

People equate Kejriwal to Modi because Modi is the face of BJP. Now look at Kejriwal: a man whose muffler earned him the unique nickname of Mufflerman. And look at Modi: a man whose pinstripe jacket with his name running in lines allegedly worth Rs.8 lakh.



5. BJP’s complacence at Centre after the Lok Sabha win.

Has BJP done anything worth winning the trust of the people? Voters are impatient; they want quick results no matter what. BJP was busy securing international relations and defences, while people wanted end of corruption.

6. Kejriwal apologized and reconnected to grassroots.

Kejriwal apologized and reconnected his party to the people. The BJP, on the other hand, was sitting idle.

7. Negative campaigning against AAP.

BJP published cartoons making personal attacks against Kejriwal in major newspapers. That backfired because it gave away BJP’s lack of argumentative power.


8. Over-reliance on Modi.

No one expected Sachin Tendulkar (or Virat Kohli, today) to hit a century in every match and win it for India. But BJP has a different image of PM Narendra Modi. They think that Modi alone can win everything.

9. The traders who BJP alienated.

The AAP promised the lowest Value Added Tax, while the BJP issued an advertisement that stated how Kejriwal belonged to an “anarchist gotra”. Kejriwal is a baniya from the influential “Agarwal” gotra. This angered the traders.

10. Controversies generated by saffron units.

Love jihad, anti-Valentine Day, ghar wapsi, every stupid thing in the world that some BJP leaders and saffron groups could think of as “important”.

11. AAP and Arvind Kejriwal.

Had Kejriwal not been persistent, he would not have won this election. Yes, there were egregious errors on part of the BJP but that does not takes anything away from Kejriwal’s election-winning effort.

What else do you think contributed to BJP’s defeat? Please write in comments.

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