Totally Bizarre And WTF Stories That Went Viral In 2018

11:00 am 28 Dec, 2018


Another year is about to end and there have been so many things which will be the reasons to remember it. So many stories will now be part of 2018 and will become memories for 2019. I am sure you have your shares of all kinds of stories, good, bad, happy and sad. But here we are gonna tell you about the most bizarre viral stories from 2018. These stories will blow your mind and I am sure you can never relate to them because they are that weird.

2018 was a year which contributed to the never-ending craziness trail of weird happenings. However, these bizarre stories went viral for their unbelievable weird content. Before ending the year, let’s remember the crazy stories which went viral.



1. Woman killed boyfriend and cooked his body parts

How gross can it be? Yes, there was a 30-year-old Moroccan woman who killed her boyfriend in the UAE. Then she chopped his body parts to use it in biriyani. That’s not all but she went ahead and served it some of the construction workers. She later revealed that she this heinous act because he dumped her.




2. Newlywed husband seeks divorce for lack of honeymoon sex

A couple’s time spent together is the most beautiful when they are on their honeymoon. This couple, however, got separated soon after their honeymoon. The man in the UAE decided to divorce his for lack of sex. The wife refused advances from the husband, so he decided to cut all ties.



3. A doctor pulls out a 20-year-old lighter from a patient’s stomach

We have heard bizarre stories about people eating different things but this one it out of this world. A doctor was operating a man and pulled out a lighter from his stomach. it was there for the past 20 years! The doctors said it was sheer luck that the chemical inside the lighter did not leak.



4. Newlyweds bought a hotel in Sri Lanka after getting drunk

Alcohol makes you do things which your sober self will disapprove. It was proved by a newlywed couple visiting Sri Lanka for their honeymoon. They got drunk one night and bought the same hotel they were staying in!



5. Man’s rectum fell off while he was in the washroom

Do you spend a lot of time in the washroom? Then do read this as it will be a wake-up call for you. A Chinese man’s rectum fell out of his anus as he spent hours in the toilet. Next time you would like to come out ASAP. Won’t you?



6. Cab gets stuck on stairs

As bizarre as it sounds, it actually happened! While we all travel through cabs, we do know that the GPS in these cabs is a headache at times. The drivers follow the directions as suggested and it is not right always. Something of the same sort happened in San Francisco where an Uber driver followed the GPS for exiting a parking lot. He tried following the route and tried to climb down the stairs blindly. No wonder he got stuck midway!



7. A woman divorced her husband over Shawarma

Couple fight over many things and divorce is also something which happens. However, this is such a reason which will make you go WTF. An Egyptian woman divorced her husband of 40 days over Shawarma. Yes! the food is very important but divorce? He refused to buy her what she wanted and she divorced him.



These were some of the best stories from across the globe that made us LOL. We hope that 2019 will keep the trend of bizarre viral videos alive. Which among these stories made you laugh the hardest? Let us know in the comments below.

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