From Animal Excreta To Lemon, These Bizarre Methods Of Contraception Were Actually Trusted In The Ancient Times!

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5:34 pm 28 May, 2018


As medical science has become extremely advanced in the present day, women have access to umpteen modern methods of abortion and birth control. But according to a report by Amarujala, in ancient times, when these modern methods were not available, women used to adopt some unconventional methods of contraception that sound quite weird if considered in present day’s context to many people. But these ancient methods were time-tested and are still trusted in some parts of the world. Let us take a look at what these bizarre methods are:


1. Crocodile excreta





In order to prevent conception, crocodile’s excreta was mixed with honey and sodium bicarbonate and put in women’s vagina. It was believed that this mixture prevented sperm from entering women’s body and even if sperm entered, it will be destroyed naturally because of it.

2. Weasel’s testicles



Testicles and a bone of a rare animal named weasel were tied to women’s thighs. It was believed that this method prevented conception. However, how successful this method was can’t be said with certainty as there are no figures available confirming the same. In fact, back in 16th century, women consumed beaver’s ovaries dipped in alcohol to destroy the fetus.

3. Iron water



In Greece, women desirous of aborting a child used to drink water in which blacksmiths used to cool down their tools. It was believed that this destroyed the fetus. Not just this, women in China were given a mixture of lead and mercury which was so harmful to health that it did not just destroy the woman’s womb but also her kidneys and brain.

4. Carbonated drinks



From 1950 to 1960, a number of birth control methods were tested in Harvard Medical School’s birth control lab. The researchers mixed sperm with four types of carbonated drinks and it was observed that diet coke killed the sperm completely within one minute. On the other hand, 41 percent of sperm cells kept mixed with other types of carbonated drinks kept floating. It was concluded that carbonic acid contained in diet carbonated drinks killed the sperms.

5. Lemon



In order to stop childbirth, women in ancient era also used lemons. It was believed that citrus acid present in lemon is capable of destroying sperm. However, its use has a bad effect on vagina which made it impractical.

6. Opium Plant



In a few parts of Indonesia, including Sumatra, women used opium plant during intercourse to prevent pregnancy!


These methods have been used for a long time in different parts of the world but have become impractical in the modern context as men and women now have access to far more advanced, easier and safer methods of contraception! But do let us know your views about the above methods in the comments section below!