Bizarre Indian Superstition Makes Worshipping God With Long P*nis A Reality. Yes, It’s WTF!

7:12 pm 5 Oct, 2018

Hope is the most hopeless thing ever! Wondering why is it that? It is hope of getting something that pushes us to step into the unrealistic world of superstitions. In a country like India where there is no dearth of gods and goddesses, it is not surprising that adamant faith in superstition will prevail in hope of getting something. Well, today we unveil the tale of such a God who hails from the land of sand Rajasthan. Eloji, the folk deity of Western Rajasthan is one such example of bizarre Indian superstition.

Before anything else, let us grace you with this equally bizarre and cringe video. We are sure you will laugh out loud too!



Now that you are wondering and laughing at the same time, let me fill you in with the details. The deity is shown as a ‘masculine’ man with traditional Rajasthan mustache. And, of course, he has a larger-than-life penis!



Certainly, you must be wondering why people are touching the penis and what’s with the water coming out! Apparently, the men touch it for gaining increased sexual power. However, the women also touch the penis of Eloji but not for having increased libido. Then what? Naturally, to be the mother of a male child! After all, we certainly don’t need female children to be a part of this world. Isn’t it?



Also, the newly wedded women hug the idol of this deity. Because he has first ‘right’ on every woman. How very desi!



On one hand where we are totally devoted to campaigns of saving girl child, the other presents you with bizarre Indian superstition like Eloji. What an irony!


In an age where science gave us the gift of creating babies through artificial means, this superstitious is downright ridiculous. With the risk of hurting the very touch religious sentiments, I would certainly like to point that it’s about time we clear the blurred line between faith and superstition. What do you think?