10 Bizarre Celebrity Items Purchased By Totally Crazy Fans!

Updated on 14 Jun, 2018 at 2:40 pm


Celebs are not just entertainers, but real heart-throbs or megastars in their fan’s hearts. They earn some crazy money for stuff that will make you smile, laugh, cry, and rejoice at the same time. But what do all they all have in common? They have those crazy and loyal fans who could do a lot more than just idealising them – they spend thousands to just buy one item of their favourite megastar.

This list proves that fans do anything to feel closer to their favourite celebs, showing their love in different ways. Here are such 10 crazy bidding’s of celeb items of all time:

1. John Lennon’s Wisdom Tooth




This is a ‘toothy’ story indeed! John Lennon’s molar wisdom tooth was given to his housekeeper for sake-keep, who later gave it to her daughter, a big Beatles fan. Being an internet freak, she auctioned it on eBay immediately. Canadian dentist Michael Zuk famously bought the yellow tooth for over £20,000!


2. Lady Gaga’s One Fake Nail



No one can be less impressed by Gaga’s over-the-top fashion appearances ever. So when she performed with those black and golden acrylic nails in an Ireland concert, little did she know that one nail would fall off forever, only to be sold off for an astonishing £9,000! That’s just ONE of her false nails!


3. Scarlett Johansson’s Used Tissue



When Scarlett blew into a tissue paper, she didn’t realise its consequences. One of her ‘obsessed’ fans Jay Leno, actually bought her mucus among 83 bidders! She appeared on The Tonight Show, put the snot-laden tissue in a plastic bag before signed it off. The pleasure of having a snotty tissue of an A-list actress does come at a price – $5,300!


4. Britney Spears’ Chewing Gum & Pregnancy Test



A piece of a popped bubble gum from a pop star is enough for some weird fans. Just a simple Trident chewing gum, but it raised £9,500 – because it came from the mouth of Britney Spears! The pop artist spat it out at a Wembley concert in 2000, but it got picked and SOLD! Even her pregnancy test metre was sold at an auction for over £3k after being found in garbage. Imagine that happening to you!


5. Brangelina’s Breath In Jar



This couple may have filed for divorce, but Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie aka Brangelina, offered something weird – their actual breath! It was preserved in a jar and sold for $530. They did this after breathing into a jar during a red carpet walk at the premiere of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which started their romance. Unfortunately, $530 wasn’t enough to keep them together!


6. Justin Bieber’s Hair Lock



Justin Bieber fans are die-hard fans and they do go beyond the imaginable for their teenage sensation. Can you imagine a lock of his hair was sold for a mega £27,500! But thankfully not some crazy fan but an animal rescue charity bought it. Considering the price of one hair, Justin should go for full cut and save an entire rain forest!


7. Justin Timberlake’s Half-Eaten French Toast



Did you know that celebrity leftovers are not ‘inedible’ items and in fact worth a thousand dollars? It’s very true that one of Justin Timberlake’s fan bought his half-eaten french toast for a staggering $1,025! It was a teenager who bought the toast which was left by J.T at a morning show breakfast break. No doubt, this has to be the world’s most expensive bread slice!


8. The Queen’s Personal Underwear!



You’d assume that a price tag of £18k is pretty fancy for a pair of knickers right? Wrong! Not when it belongs to Queen Elizabeth. Her royal knickers were left on a private plane in 1968 which were then put on eBay site by the estate of Baron Joseph, an aristocrat, art collector, etc. Though the purchaser remained unanimous, the Queen’s bloomers were plain, compared to the price bid for it!


9.  Jennifer Lawrence’s Sports Bra



No one likes a stinky sports bra but when it’s a Gap teal sports bra worn by J.Law aka Jennifer Lawrence was worn by her during a dance practice in Oscar nominated film ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. The price for it is Oscar-winning in itself – a whooping $3,175 on eBay! We don’t mind since it won Jennifer Lawrence gave an award in the end!


10. Marilyn Monroe’s Chest X-ray



While the number of things sold in this list is definitely mind-boggling, this one outnumbers all. It’s reported that a chest X-ray belonging to the eternal Hollywood siren Marilyn Monroe, was sold off for a whooping $45,000! Anyone would a copy of those beautiful shoulders and neck, along with a silhouette of her big breasts. Whatever you can afford, seems right!










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