These Bizarre Beauty Trends In Nail Art Will Make You Go WTF

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1:16 pm 25 Nov, 2018


Bizarre beauty trends have sprung up in the past few years, thanks to the internet explosion. Social media has made it possible for anyone to share the weirdest and the most bizarre ideas related to beauty and makeup that they can think of. The even weirder part is that these bizarre beauty trends become instantly viral and girls are eager to try them out too. The fact that some of the most bizarre beauty trends have become so acceptable and popular makes it hard to digest.

The professionals in this field come up with time-saving hacks for women’s everyday makeup routines. While some of these are literally time-savers as well as serve top-notch creativity and on-point make-up, there are some bizarre beauty trends out there. One such trend includes nail art. From matching backgrounds to matching outfits, the nail art trends have seen a lot of development over the past few years.





After a point, this became very weird as people started matching their nails to everything they wore and everything they were surrounded by. For women who look their makeup (a tad too much maybe) something exciting has now come up.

In a creative yet weird way, a popular Moscow nail art salon has come up with miniature lipsticks and makeup brushes as a new, unique and creative form of nail art.




Thankfully, the response to this bizarre nail art wasn’t welcoming!






So, what do you think of this nail art? Tell us in the comments! If you love knowing about the new trends of nail art, these Instagram accounts will interest you.

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