Cryptic Bitcoin Codes Hint That WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Is Still Safe

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5:10 pm 23 Nov, 2016

On November 17 a post uploaded on 8Chan left the supporters of WikiLeaks in shock.

The post, purportedly from someone who claimed to be from WikiLeaks, informed the readers that Julian Assange is missing. This is that 8Chan post:




The writer of the post claimed that he was one of the 15 personnel who were raided around the time when Assange’s internet connection was cut – which was on October 16.

The one who wrote that post requested other whistleblowers not to send any information to the whistleblowing group because it had been compromised.




The one who wrote the 8Chan message also claimed that a “charade” is on to “keep up the appearance that Julian is fine.” But there was no evidence forwarded which could confirm whether the messenger was really from WikiLeaks or merely a poser.

Now, amidst the speculations doing the rounds regarding Assange’s safety, comes a cryptic bitcoin blockchain which appears to tell the world that Julian is fine.


This ‘message’ was in response to the 8Chan post. The bitcoin transaction was conducted by WikiLeaks.

In October, a poll was posted from WikiLeaks’ official Twitter handle. The responders voted to see a video of Assange as a confirmation of his safety.


But the video is yet to be released.

Assange has been living in exile in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since June 2012. In October 2016 the Dead Man’s Switch was activated triggering fears that something really bad may have happened to Assange. The switch was activated mere hours after the Ecuadorian embassy restricted the internet access of the WikiLeaks founder.

No one has seen Julian Assange in a long time. His usual address from the balcony was stopped shortly after an unidentified man tried to scale the embassy’s wall and land himself on the balcony – a possible threat to Assange’s life. On October 21, WikiLeaks had tweeted photos of heavily armed police outside the embassy, but the next day tweeted that Assange was safe.

The internet access was snapped after US Secretary of State John Kerry forced the Ecuadorian embassy to do so. Assange is so hated by the US government that at one point now defeated Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton spoke of using drones to take him down.

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