Exotic Bird Lands On Anchor’s Head During Live TV, But She Continues Broadcast As Nothing Happened

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10:55 am 3 Mar, 2018

Doing a live television show can be really unpredictable. One never knows what may happen the next minute and this might put anchors of the show in a difficult situation, which can sometimes also be quite funny. This happened recently with anchor Nichelle Medina of morning news show named ‘Zoo Day’ being aired on KFMB news channel, a popular one of California, United States.


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When Nichelle Medina was about to take a break before moving on to the next segment, an unexpected guest landed on her show and sit on her head leading to extension in the air time. And this guest was an exotic pink colored bird named Sophie who is one of the ibis ambassadors of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.


YouTube screenshot.


It happened when she was teasing the upcoming Zoo Day piece with her co-host Eric Kahnert and a scarlet ibis from the San Diego Zoo arrived. She pounced in and stole the limelight by sitting on Medina’s head. Surprisingly, she maintained her calm during the live TV show.


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The bird then made its way to Eric’s head for a second and made its away out of the screen. At that time, she and her co-anchor, could not stop laughing at the unexpected entry of the bird.

The clip of the incident soon went viral on YouTube and social media with thousands of people watching and sharing it. All this while, Medina and her co-host Eric has been appreciated for playing it cool on live TV. You can see the footage below:



Twitterati too gave amazing reactions on the incident. Check out some of them below:










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