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Responsive image Advises Its Readers Not To Take Up Bird Box Challenge, For The Sake Of Their Own Safety

Updated on 31 January, 2019 at 12:02 pm By

Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box has taken the internet by storm. The Netflix film chronicles the journey of a woman and her children as they somehow protect themselves by getting killed at the hands of a mysterious force. If we go into the details of the story, the protagonist played by Sandra Bullock is in continuous struggle and is portrayed crossing a river while being blindfolded all the time. During this journey she also blindfolds the two kids and teaches them how to lead their way without using their sight. The film’s popularity has influenced people so much that now they are taking up the Bird Box challenge and attempting dangerous tasks.


The entire incident in the film has now become a craze amongst the netizens and they are trying to attempt something same with their kids too. People are blindfolding themselves and doing tasks in which they can be seen getting hurt, in the videos that have surfaced online.



What you are going to see below may disturb you and we appeal to our readers not to attempt the Bird Box challenge especially with your kids.


People are now sharing the videos of how they have attempted the #BirdBoxChallenge. In the video below we can see a man running with his children in their house while all of them are blindfolded. The little girl can be seen getting hurt as she hits the wall.




In another video a man can be seen covering up his eyes with his cap while driving.


Even TV show hosts aren’t spared by the challenge. See how they made a fool of themselves by attempting something like this.



Here is one more video!



After a good number of videos surfaced online, Netflix US finally took to their Twitter account and issued a warning. Checkout the tweet below:



According to Netflix, Bird Box became the most-watched film on the streaming platform within the first week of its release.

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