14 Predictions Bill Gates Made in 1999 That Came True in 2015

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6:52 pm 30 Oct, 2015


Bill Gates has made some bold predictions time and again. At that time they might have sounded outrageous, but today you will be surprised to know how those predictions are a living reality of the 21st century. In his book ‘Business @ the Speed of Thought’, published in 1999, he made 14 such predictions which are breathing life today.


1. The time when you had no idea about Amazon and Flipkart

2. The time when you had no idea about smartphones and tablets


3. The time when Paytm had no existence

4. The time when Beacon, Nest and Google Now made no announcements


5. The time when CCTVs had no place in your homes


6. The time when you didn’t waste time on Facebook and Instagram


7. The time when you didn’t know of Expedia


8. The time when Twitter hadn’t made its impact

9. The time when the world was unaware of online ads – Facebook ads, Google ads

10. The time when sports channels didn’t link their websites and twitter handles

12.  The time when it was unexpected for something like Twitter and Facebook to play roles in political revolutions in Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia


13. The time when news websites could not have verticals of varied interests

14. The time when LinkedIn was not found



Source – newsflicks 

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