A Good Chunk Of Americans Would Vote For Bill Gates If He Ran For President: Study

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2:36 pm 26 Sep, 2016

With the US set to face elections in November this year, a new study was conducted by Philadelphia-based Fidelum Partners which said that if Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates ran for president today, he would do pretty well.

The study suggests that a good chunk of Americans would vote for Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates if he ran for president as he is more competent and warm than current presidential nominees.



Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Getty

Fidelum Partners had asked a total of 1,012 adults to rate Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump as President as compared to other famous people on qualities related to warmth and competence.

When the result came out, it was found that when it came to these two traits, Gates not only fared better than Trump and Hillary but that the presidential candidates, by comparison, scored very low on average.


The two also scored low on average with regards to admiration from their own party but contempt from other.

The reason for the study to be conducted on the basis of competence and warmth is because these two traits underlie people’s preferences in the US.

Further people admire and are loyal more to those who they consider warm and competent than those they consider cold and incompetent.

While Gates scored the highest on competence level, on warmth level he was second only to comedian Ellen DeGeneres.


Ellen DeGeneres Jason LaVeris

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres Jason LaVeris

While this study wouldn’t affect the upcoming US election, it shows that people were likely to vote for different options if they were given a choice.

On an average out of 100, 28 people said they would definitely vote for Gates, 28 said they would definitely vote for Trump, while 33 people said they would vote for Clinton.

Out of these 100, 42% said they would vote for Barack Obama if he could run again.


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