India Gets Its First Women Only Two-Wheeler Taxi Service

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5:44 pm 27 Jan, 2016


Offering a solution to last mile connectivity, a two-wheeler taxi service for women, called ‘Bikxie Pink’ has been launched in Gurgaon.

It is a first-of-its kind taxi service in India. With a fleet of five pink bikes, Bikxie Pink has already done 100 rides.

The app-based service was conceptualized by Divya Kalia and Mohit Sharma. It was the result of research which revealed that women passengers preferred to ride behind female driver while male passengers like to opt for faster and reliable taxi service.

Mohit Sharma, Co-Founder and Chief Executive officer, Bikxie told ANI:

“At Bikxie, we are driven by a single-minded focus on making last mile connectivity absolutely seamless and safe for everyone. Bikxie Pink has been launched as a move in the same direction. We understand that our women passengers may not always be comfortable riding pillion to a male driver.”


Bikxie Pink is the first-of-its-kind service in India HT

Bikxie Pink is the first-of-its-kind service in India

The app, which is available on Android, has an SOS button and also has option to feed emergency contact.

Bikxie Pink charges Rs 10 for the first two kilometers and Rs 5 for every additional one. Besides the app, the commuters can also avail the facility from metro stations, malls, popular markets and housing complexes.

Another security and hygiene feature is that Bikxie Pink drivers carry pepper spray and a disposal shower cap to wear inside the helmet.


Megha Goyal, who took her first Bikxie Pink ride, said, “An auto would charge Rs 50-60. This is not only cheaper, but I am more comfortable riding pillion with a woman, and it is faster, too.”


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A commuter taking ride on Bikxie Pink HT

Few days before Bikxie Pink, the two-wheeler taxi service for men, Bikxie Blue was also launched.

This two-wheeler taxi service was made possible due to amendments made in Haryana Motor Vehicle Act which now allows two-wheelers to be used as taxis. It is already in place in Goa and now Delhi and Karnataka are also planning for the same.

“Once that happens we will open up in Bangalore and Delhi,” said Sharma.


Bikxie Blue, two-wheeler taxis ervice for men. FB

Bikxie Blue, two-wheeler taxis ervice for men.