This ‘Bikini Airline’ Is Coming To India And Twitteratis Think It’s Best News For Indian Men

Updated on 31 Mar, 2018 at 7:27 pm


It’s a fact that you wouldn’t find bikinis except a beach or resort. Well, you’re wrong! Passengers travelling the Vietnam-based Vietjet, also infamously called the ‘bikini airline’, have always seen it more often than these two places. After all, this low cost Vietnam airline’s standard uniform for its air hostess is in fact, the bikini! The fact that all flight attendants are bikini-clad, has already set tongues wagging in the aviation world.



Vietjet was launched in November 2007 by female billionaire entrepreneur Nguyen Thanh Ha. The privately-owned airline climbed the ladder of fame in 2011 when its ad campaigns featured women dressed in bikinis. Under the heat of overnight marketing strategy, the low-cost carrier upgraded its image to “bikini” airline.




Since then, the controversial airline has used attractive red-coloured bikini uniform in a bid to attract passengers. But here’s the catch – not all of Vietjet’s flights have female attendants wearing bikini, as the crew wears them only on some special flights.



Since its launch, the budget airline saw an exceptional growth in its initial years after making controversial headlines with its bikini-clad stewardesses.


Amidst controversies, one incident which was highly criticized, was when five female bikini-clad flight attendants took part in a mid-flight dance posing as beauty pageant contestants. The airline was fined £678.20 (around Rs 62,000).



Vietjet Air has found itself in soup for its the racy “sexist” marketing stunts, that have transferred the airline’s overall appeal. Their flight attendants have featured in annual calendars.



And now, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao’s idea of dressing up the airline’s flight attendants with sexy outfits is paying off – by entering the Indian market! This announcement was made at the India-Vietnam Business Forum organised in New Delhi recently, which marked the 45th anniversary of India-Vietnam diplomatic relationship.



In India, ViertJet Air will operate direct flights between Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh city and New Delhi starting from July this year, four times a week.



The Vietnamese airlines will operate direct flights between the two cities, with the aim of “empowering images in Vietnam’s conservative culture”.



The air-hostesses in these airlines dress up in swim suits and bikinis; which will surely go down as a rare sight for Indian travellers and therefore, it’s yet to be seen if this will be accepted as a uniform in our conservative country.



However, since this announcement, some people think this might just be the best news for Indian men! People are actually waiting with bated breath for Vietjet to start operations in the country this July!

These are some of the reactions on Twitter:


Expect 100 percent men!



Paisa vasool!



Indian men looking for sex!



Will corrupt our Indian minds!



New in-flight entertainment!



Good profit for airlines!



Any predictions?



No DGCA approval expected!



Rainy season for Rahul baba?



Modi govt to get majority!



Whether Indian Aviation Authority will approve of this daring show, is yet to be seen, but we have behind-the-scenes glimpse specially for you!



So guys, are you going to travel by these airlines? Do tell us in the comments below.



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