16 Bikes Stolen In Bengaluru To Take Girlfriends On Long Rides

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7:00 pm 24 Aug, 2017


Bengaluru police have arrested 60 vehicle-lifters and seized 153 two-wheelers and six cars from them.

Among the people held, there were two college dropouts, Ranjit Ilangovan and Marimuttu Muniswam, who used to steal motorcycles only to do stunts and then, abandon them later. Together, they had stolen 25 vehicles from different parts of the city.

16 expensive bikes were recovered from Wasim Akram, a resident of Sarabandepalya. Interestingly, he had an emotional reason for stealing bikes — to make his girlfriend happy.

Well, he looks very much inspired by the film ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’.


Bengaluru Police Commissioner, T Suneel Kumar, says that the worth of the stolen vehicles is around Rs 80 lakh.

The thieves attacked mainly areas like Jayanagar, JP Nagar, Wilson Garden, Sampangiramnagar, Banashankari, and South Bengaluru.

The Bengaluru police briefed about how they found the thieves,

Recently, the public alerted police control room about two youths on motorbikes performing stunts near Jayanagar IV Block. A police team went to the spot; on seeing the cops, the duo fled. We identified them with help of CCTV footage. They confessed to the crime and said they were in the habit of lifting bikes and later abandoning them.

They also stated that Wasim has been stealing bikes since one year,

Wasim has been stealing bikes for the last one year. He told us he’d take his girlfriend on long rides on the stolen two-wheelers, his girlfriend never knew she was riding pillion on stolen bikes.

Is everything fair in love and war?



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