Bhopal Biker Gets Mercilessly Beaten Up For Standing Against SUV Driving On The Wrong Side

1:40 pm 7 Nov, 2017


In a shocking incident in Bhopal, a biker was mercilessly beaten up by a person driving a SUV car in broad daylight. The reason for the fight was that the biker confronted the SUV by halting it in is path as the SUV was driving on the wrong side of the road. The entire incident would have just gone unnoticed had a CCTV not captured the incident. In fact, the footage went viral on Facebook, with many venting their outrage at the brutal action of the SUV driver.

A screenshot from the video. India Today

In the video footage that went viral on social media, the biker is seen guarding the path of the SUV. He refused to move even when the man driving the SUV threatened to run him down.


The biker then got down from his bike and clicked pictures of the car’s number plate, as a result of which even the driver of the SUV came down and clicked photographs of the bike’s number plate.

Although the situation was under control till then, it got violent with the driver pushing the biker across the police barricades and hitting him. It was then that few people interfered and inquired about the brawl.

The CCTV video footage was circulated online by an Indore-based person called Nilav Verma. The post has already got more than 5.1 million views! While many people applauded the stand taken by the biker, many people also expressed their disgust as the passers-by who chose to ignore the entire incident.

A photograph of the FIR lodged against the SUV rider. Facebook


Applauding the biker, Nilav captioned the post as:

World needs more people like this rider who dare enough to know the wrong and stand against it till the end,whose ‘will’ can’t be shattered as easily as the wrongdoers think. Highly appreciable initiative, my salute.


An FIR has been lodged against the SUV driver.