Elderly Woman Crosses Bihar Border To Get Liquor For Funeral Rites

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2:19 pm 3 May, 2016

Following the ban on liquor trade and consumption in Bihar, people are now rushing to neighbouring states to buy liquor for marriage and funeral rites.

An elderly woman Maya Kharwar from Buxar was caught by policemen at the border while she was taking away a dozen 200 ml liquor bottles for completing funeral rituals.

She begged policemen to let her carry liquor so that she can complete rituals of her tribal society following a death in the family.


While the woman had her religious reasons, many youth and middle-aged people have crossed the border to take liquor to ‘set the mood’ before marriage parties.


Local traders say that on the days of ‘Lagan’ (pious dates in the marriage season), the liquor outlets in Uttar Pradesh near the border area, are overcrowded.

“The roadsides are trashed with empty liquor bottles and beer cans even before 10 pm,” a trader told TOI.



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