Bihar MP Celebrates Women’s Day By Riding A Harley Davidson To Parliament

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3:58 pm 8 Mar, 2016


Finding a unique way to celebrate International Women’s Day, Congress MP and Pappu Yadav’s wife Ranjeet Ranjan on March 8 decided to ride a Harley Davidson bike to the Parliament.


Ranjan, who is a Lok Sabha MP from Bihar’s Supaul district, even stopped and posed for the photographers when she reached the Parliament and seemed in total command of the Harley Davidson bike that she was riding.





In 2014 General Elections she had garnered 332,927 votes to win her seat and is quite popular in her constituency.

She has been in politics for over two decade and had entered the arena back in 1995, almost an year after she married Pappu Yadav.



Last week Prime Minister Narendra Modi had expressed his desire that only women MPs address the Parliament on the occasion of Women’s Day and had even expressed his gratitude to women for the role they play in the society.

Here is Ranjan riding to the Parliament, this International Women’s Day: