Bihar Booze Ban: Desperate Alcoholics Consume Anything To Get High!

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5:21 pm 7 Apr, 2016


Fulfilling his election promise, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced a total ban in the state on the sale of all forms of alcohol with immediate effect, but some desperate alcoholics have found some unique ways to get high!

Reports suggest that one man even ate a bunch of soap bars hoping to get high.

Without the booze, hundreds of alcoholics faced withdrawal symptoms with one alcoholic brought to a de-addiction centre was not able to recognise his family. He used to drink 600-1200 ml of country liquor every day until March 31, after which desi booze was banned. The man was not able to stand properly and experienced tremors on and off.


As of April 6, at least 749 such people were brought to the state’s 38 new de-addiction centres, according to reports received by the State Health Society of Bihar (SHSB).

Liquor shops in Bihar indiatoday

Liquor shops in Bihar indiatoday

Some de-addiction centres reported that people ate large amounts of paper and downed painkillers to get high.


Nearly 150 doctors and 45 counsellors – specially trained to deal with alcohol withdrawal – have been actively dealing with people ever since the ban came into affect.

According to doctors, common withdrawal symptoms that heavy drinkers face problems like confused orientation and violence.


Bihar has become the fourth state after Gujarat, Nagaland and Mizoram states to impose a blanket ban on liquor.