Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss In Trouble, Ex-contestants Make Shocking Accusations On The Show

1:30 pm 13 Sep, 2018


The latest season of Indian television’s most controversial reality show, Bigg Boss is right around the corner and we cannot keep calm for its premiere on September 16. While the show has peculiar themes for the participants every year, this season it is the concept of vichitra jodis which means unusual couples will take part in the show to entertain us. However, ever since Bigg Boss season 12 has been announced, Salman Khan’s show has witnessed various controversies.

Well, it seems like the popular reality show has landed in trouble, even before its release on the national television. Reportedly, former contestants of Bigg Boss have revealed some major realities about this reality show hosted by Salman Khan accusing it of being scripted. According to sources, ex-contestants of the show have lashed out at the show accusing it of misinterpreting information.



Have a read at the details spilled by 4 celebs who have participated in the previous seasons of the show:


1. Diandra Soares



Diandra Soares appeared on the 10th season of the show as a guest. Seemingly, the celebrity encouraged the audience of the show to not to vote for the contestants. While she was extremely disturbed by Swami Om’s actions of peeing on Bani J and Rohan Mehra on the show, she reasoned her request to not vote by saying that it will waste their money and time because the reality show is “pre-decided”.


2. Shweta Tiwari



The winner of Bigg Boss season 4 and one of television’s most favorite actresses, Shweta Tiwari also revealed some surprising truths about the show during an interview. In an interview, she said:

“I don’t watch Bigg Boss that often. To be very honest, Bigg Boss is very entertaining and people keep talking about what has happened, but when I watch the show, I don’t know what to believe because I know a lot of it is edited. Many times, long conversations are only shown as two lines in the show, which then leads to misunderstandings.”



3. Aashka Goradia



This popular television actress claimed that the editing of the show is done in a way that creates controversies. Apparently, Aashka Goradia alleged that during her participation in the show, the show’s editing raised questions on her sexuality on national television. During her interview in a talk show, she said:

“My sexuality was portrayed in a wrong way. I was intentionally made to come across as a lesbian on this reality show through editing tricks and it was extremely embarrassing for me and my parents. I was rubbing balm on a sick fellow inmate’s body after she had broken into an allergic reaction. I was putting my hand inside her blanket so as to not embarrass her about her rash on national television and they made it look like something else was going on.”


4. Hina Khan



Hina Khan has been one of the most well-known contestants on the controversial show. However, the runner-up of Bigg Boss 11 on many occasions claimed that the show is not scripted but is very well-edited. She said:

“Bigg Boss is not at all a scripted show, but a very well-edited show. It’s a brilliantly edited show. You see something, you react so whosoever said whatever. I don’t blame anyone.”



Evidently, these secrets might have taken the fans by surprise. However, the audience of the show is still waiting for the grand premiere of Bigg Boss season 12 on September 16. We will keep you updated with all the scoops and controversies of the show. Stay tuned!