Sreesanth Introduces Controversy Ka Tadka In Bigg Boss House By Commenting On Parvarish Of Khan Sisters

1:10 pm 19 Sep, 2018


The buzz around Bigg Boss 12 is high! Since the starting of the show, fans are glued to their TV sets anticipating new twists and controversies. Owing to the experiences of the previous seasons, they are also expecting lovey-dovey moments and coziness among housemates. However, today is the day of controversies! So, we are here to serve you with the latest masala from the Bigg Boss house.

Just a few days into the show, it seems that the sisters Somi and Saba Khan are grabbing the eyeballs with their power to create masala. It started with their fight with Shivanshish Mishra. Predictably, the audience enjoyed the fight.



Somi and Saba Khan. Shivanshish Mishra


If you are thinking suru ho gayi tu tu main main, then hold your horses. Why? Well, it’s because the fight was fake. Baffled? Yes, we are too! It turns out that the Khan Sisters were just trying to introduce some tadka in the show. Hence, they conjured up a plan with their friend Shivashish Mishra to fake a fight. We can’t disagree that it gave the fans some fun.



Well, now it seems that the Khan Sisters are at it again. But, this time the shit got real! And, guess who is on the other side? Sreesanth! Yes, the three landed in a fight followed by loads of drama and rona dhona.



Generally, the former cricketer appeared to have a calm demeanor. However, he stole the attention of the cameras on the September 18 episode. Not only he invited argument but took part in it too!

The man didn’t perform the task given to him properly. As a result, the housemates lost their luxury budget for the week. Wondering how did that happen? For those who missed the show, let us take you through the story.

It all started with him being upset about the prank played by the Khan Sisters along with Shivashish Mishra. Though others were annoyed too, he is one who didn’t let it go. Hence, during the press conference task, he challenged the Shivashish Mishra and Sourabh Patel jodi. Quite surprisingly and stupidly, he refused to ask anything to them and hence the housemates lost their budget.



Naturally, the housemates were miffed as he invited a challenge and then refused to play it. When questioned by housemates about this bizarre behavior, he got into a row with Khan Sisters.

Then, quite inappropriately, he questioned their ‘upbringing’. Expectedly, everyone slammed him for such a nasty comment. However, the picture wasn’t over yet! See for yourself:



Then he angrily removed his mic and ran towards the main gate of the house. The contestant even insisted that he should be out of the house.



Naturally, netizens also poured in their reactions. Most actually supported the former cricketer! However, there were also some who commented otherwise.










Needless to explain, if Sreesanth keeps on creating such an image in Bigg Boss then he will soon be evicted. What do you think?