Hina Khan’s Boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal Proposed Her In A Hot Air Balloon Ride. Here’s What Happened Next

4:19 pm 2 Apr, 2018


The Bigg Boss 11 ex contestant Hina Khan has engaged to her long time boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal. The engagement happens to be just like a big surprise to Hina-Rocky fans as nobody even had the slightest of an idea of something like this to be happening!

As per the report, the couple got engaged in a hot air balloon in Dubai. This must have been just like a fairy tale engagement for the two. Their relationship came into light when Rocky appeared to be in one of the episodes of the eleventh season of “Bigg Boss”.

As per the report, Rocky Jaiswal proposed the actor with a ring in his hand.

The report revealed:

“Rocky had meticulously planned it in advance. The hot air balloon ride was designed as an intimate affair. Hina loves such thrilling stuff, so he felt it would be perfect. There was champagne for the couple to raise a toast. When they came down, the actress was jumping with tears of joy rolling down her face.”

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After the grand proposal, the pair had breakfast atop sand dune. It has also come to light that the couple wanted to keep this entire event a secret as they didn’t want any attention on social media. “Hina is a water baby and finds beaches very romantic but something about the desert has struck a chord in her heart. The vastness, tranquility and eternity of the desert has left us mesmerized. Rocky has been her Rock of Gibraltar in the past few months and his dreamy proposal has sent Hina over the moon,” the report contends.