The Identity Of The Bigg Boss Narrator Is No Longer A Mystery : #REVEALED

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4:07 pm 14 Oct, 2015


There are so many reasons to love Bigg Boss. Obviously yes, Salman Khan is behind the show’s huge TRP  but there has been something else as well that created curiosity within the audience. The identity of the voice that handles the whole show and commands the contestants has been the biggest mystery so far. The question for the voice’s identity has always been the talk of the town.

With the introduction of the double trouble funda, Bigg Boss has revealed the identity of the voice.



ABP News tweeted this mystery man this morning. It’s an awesome news for all those who were intrigued with the dynamic voice of Bigg Boss.

Atul Kumar, an artist who has worked on many radio and television shows is the person behind Bigg Boss voice



Atul Kumar with Bigg Boss season 8 contestant Karishma Tanna.


Because of his exceptionally powerful voice, he was chosen as the Bigg Boss to keep a control over the contestants. Here is his picture with Veena Mallik who has been a very controversial face of Bigg Boss.



To keep the identity of the voice a secret, it is learned that Atul also stayed in a different room away from people just like the contestants of the show. Reportedly, his location is also kept hidden from the contestants as well for the entire duration of the show.

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