Gyaans From These Former Bigg Boss Contestants For The Would-be Housemates Are Absolutely Surprising

4:33 pm 14 Sep, 2018


Bigg Boss is round the corner and fans are excited to witness the 12th season of the show. Though the final list of contestants is not out yet, fans are making a guess about who all could be inside the popular ‘Bigg Boss’ house for the next three months. Season 12 is going on air on September 16 and news stories about the tentative list of contestants are doing rounds on the internet. Just a few more days to go and the country will be glued to their TV sets every night, such is the popularity of this very controversial show!

In the last season, we saw a tough competition between Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde. Though Shilpa Shinde won the title and Hina gave her a congratulatory hug in the finale, both never came out openly and behaved like friends! It is being said that the two will be there during the ‘Bigg Boss’ Season 12 premiere.




Contestants from the previous seasons of ‘Bigg Boss’ recently came up with their own piece of suggestions and some very crucial factors for the would-be contestants of the upcoming seasons. Here is what some of them had to say:


Rakhi Sawant

“I would advise people to not misbehave with Salman Khan. Because if you misbehave with him, you will be out of the show as well as from the film industry.”



Arshi Khan

“You will have to be loyal and have loyal friends. The more loyal you are, the more people will love you. It’s also important to be active.”



Vikas Gupta

“Don’t overdo it. Don’t try to do things so that you can be in front of the camera all the time. Don’t be fake in the house. This doesn’t work there.”


Prince Narula

“Being loud and shouting isn’t really important. Just be who you are. Make friends, have fun, perform and prove yourself.”


Sambhavna Seth

“You have to be yourself. If you are shouting and doing things for the camera and TRPs, it will not work. If you have spice inside you, that will anyway be seen.”



Well, this is all these ex-contestants had to say! We believe that their experiences inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house must have taught them lessons for a lifetime. What do you think?

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