After Her Eviction From The Bigg Boss House, An Angry Benafsha Did THIS

5:08 pm 20 Nov, 2017


As Bigg Boss 11 is inching towards its culmination, the contestants are doing their best to maintain their hold on to the game till the penultimate episode. After all, everyone goes to the game to win – for the game as well as publicity. Benafsha Soonawalla, too, had a similar dream till it was crushed seemingly heartlessly yesterday when she was evicted from the show. And boy! Benafsha seemed to be super angry about her supposed untimely eviction. And she decided to vent out her anger on Instagram!

Benafsha Soonawalla. Stars


Well, it is not really uncommon for the evicted contestants to show their disgust in public. But while many people choose to do so in mainstream media, specifically in newspaper or magazine interviews, Benafsha chose to express her disgust on her Instagram status! Her status read –


Karara jawaab milega. The truth will be out. Wait for it.

Benafsha’s Insta story. Instagram


Yea; you heard it right. While to whom this status is directed is still under covers, some people are of the opinion that the warning is directed to both Varun and Priyank.

It is to be noted that Varun is Benafsha’s boyfriend whereas Priyank was her alleged boyfriend at the Bigg Boss house. The PDA between Benafsha and Priyank often made it to the entertainment tabloids and magazines.

When media had contacted Varun regarding the Bigg Boss couple’s alleged affair, Varun had politely refused to say anything as he wanted to clarify everything from his girlfriend first. However, there were also reports regarding that Varun was supposedly upset with his girlfriend’s PDA on air with Priyank.

Benafsha with her boyfriend and ex-roadie Varun Sood. India


It has also been reported that Benafsha had unfollowed Priyank on Instagram while she still now follows Varun. So, is this yet another story where an onscreen love affair comes to a bitter end after the end of the series?

Meanwhile, Benafsha belongs to an eminent Parsi family and is reportedly concerned about her image being tarnished in Bigg Boss house. But doesn’t Benafsha has any hand at her own loss?

What do you think about Benafsha’s Insta story? Do you think it is directed to either Varun or Priyank? Or is it directed to both? Please let us know your opinion in the comments section.