Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Bandgi Kalra’s Father Hospitalised Due To Her Shameful Acts

2:51 pm 16 Nov, 2017


“Bigg Boss Season 11” has the worst TRPs and ratings so far if compared to earlier seasons. Thanks to the not so known contestants and forgotten winners of other reality shows. People are hardly involved in watching the season due to the kind of content it is broadcasting. Moreover, the contestants are causing a real trouble for the makers of the show too.


Bigg Boss Season 11

Recently, the show’s host Salman Khan warned two contestants named Bandagi and Puneesh, for indulging in shameful activities. The two have been getting way too intimate during the after hours.

Salman warned them saying that they are on national television and they must refrain themselves from doing such activities, especially when their parents are also watching the show.



Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh in Bigg Boss

After much efforts from Salman’s side, the two, however, didn’t pay any heed to it and continued getting involved. After this, it is now being reported that Bandgi has landed herself in some real trouble outside the “Bigg Boss” house.


Bandgi and Puneesh in Bigg Boss

As per a report, she has been thrown out of her house in Mumbai. “Her landlord does not want her to stay in his house and has informed her close friend that she should pack her bags and hunt for another house as soon as she’s back from Bigg Boss 11,” revealed the report.


Bandgi has landed herself in

The report also clarifies, “The landlord has no personal issues with her. It is because the society in which she lives, is a very reputed one, and they don’t wish that she should continue to reside in their society anymore, especially because of her presence likely to have a bad influence on the children of that area. Hence, he is ready to throw her out as soon as she’s out of the Bigg Boss 11 house.”


Bandgi Kalra with her

It has also been reported that due to her recent activities inside the “Bigg Boss” house, her family members are very unhappy.

The series of events has turned out to be disappointing for her family members, especially her father, who was rushed to hospital after his blood pressure increased.



This indicates that Bandgi might invite a lot of flak for herself as soon as she would step out into the real world.

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