Swami Om Finally Thrown Out Of Bigg Boss 10 House For This Unforgivable Act

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3:30 pm 5 Jan, 2017


After much controversy, Color’s TV show ‘Bigg Boss’ finally threw its contestant Swami Om out of its house after he reportedly threw pee at fellow contestant Bani and Rohan.


According to reports, Bigg Boss makers finally lost their cool on January 4 when their Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami once again crossed the line and threw at the fellow contestant during a task.



The incident reportedly happened when during a captaincy task between him and Bani J, when he once again lost his cool when fellow housemates supported Bani instead of him.

In his agitation, he took to violence and then threw his pee on Bani and Rohan. After this Bani lost her cool and reportedly ‘kicked’ him in retaliation.


Rohan too was about to slap him but controlled himself and went on to defended Bani with rest of the inmates demanding strict action against Swami Om for this act.
Bigg Boss finally lost his cool on Om and decided to throw him out of the house himself for all his crimes.

This was not the first time that Om had crossed such line, in the last few weeks, he has done everything from passing derogatory comments against women, to getting physical with inmates.

At one point he even peed in a cup on national television while he was standing in the kitchen just to be in the limelight.



There was no line that the self-proclaimed godman had not crossed in the past few weeks, but despite repeated warnings from ‘Bigg Boss’ and show host Salman Khan, he kept on doing it and kept on getting much worse.

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