This Is What Big B Wrote To Randeep Hooda In A Personal Letter After Watching ‘Sarabjit’

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7:32 pm 20 May, 2016


‘Sarabjit’ is the true story of a man incarcerated in Pakistani jail for over two decades, while his sister, Dalbir Kaur, struggled to fight for his release. It was a clear case of mistaken identity because Sarabjit was a poor farmer who was drunk and had strayed over the border. He was falsely caught on an unmarked Indo-Pakistani border area in Pakistan.

The movie has received mixed reviews; Randeep Hooda flawlessly overpowered everyone in the movie, overshadowing Ash’s intense acting. Big B was also deeply moved by Hooda’s exemplary performance.




He, filled with humility, never hesitates to applaud young talent. So, this time, he used his good-old-days way to show his appreciation.


Randeep Hooda is like: