Big B’s Gesture Towards Cleaning Up Versova Beach Gets Thumbs Up From Fans

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1:15 pm 27 Jun, 2018


Afroz Shah is the name that pops up every time when we talk about cleaning environment. With great determination and hope, Afroz along with his volunteers is trying to keep Mumbai’s Versova beach clean since October 2015. They have already cleared up over 9 million kilograms of trash. The cleaning work is in its 115th week and his efforts are getting recognized around the globe. The man’s efforts have inspired many including Amitabh Bachchan aka Big B.

When Bollywood’s legendary actor got to know about the efforts that Afroz is making he couldn’t stop himself. He even invited him on his show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ and that helped Afroz to inspire thousands others.


Impressed by Afroz’s dedication, Big B not only praised him but also tried to extend a helping hand towards the cause. Talking about how Afroz single-handedly took such a huge step towards saving Mumbai’s popular beach, he said:

“Thank you, Afroz! No one ever told this man to do something about Versova Beach pollution. He saw that Mumbai’s favourite beach was drowning in its own waste; he simply started working to change this grim reality. When I got to know about this man who was out there cleaning the Versova beach on his own, I was impressed. I wanted to go there and witness his work.”


As a token of help, Big B not only physically visited the beach and worked with him but also gifted him big machines to ease the process of removing waste stuck inside the sands and fasten the clean-up process.

It looks like Big B’s gifts have been a great help for Afroz and his volunteers. Thanking the actor, he recently tweeted:

Afroz’s tweet made Big B’s fans swell with pride. Soon the tweet got flooded with replies full of gratitude and praise for the megastar. Here’s how his fans reacted:


And it is not just Prime Minister Narendra Modi but also the United Nations have recognized Afroz’s cleanliness drive. He has been presented with the title of ‘Champion of the Earth’ by the UN. His Versova model has also been accepted by the ministry of environment who have decided to use it for 13 other beaches in India.