Bhuvi Perfectly Shuts People Who Blamed Dhoni For India’s Defeat In T20’s Second Match

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4:26 pm 8 Nov, 2017


When Indian team’s former captain stepped down and gave the responsibility of his reign to Virat Kohli, everyone thought that the legendary cricketer will soon announce his retirement. However, that didn’t happen. People kept wondering but Dhoni was unstoppable. He gave one after the other best performances even after stepping down from the post of the captain. Dhoni wasn’t leading the team but his presence in the team was always needed. Unfortunately, during the second match of T20 series against New Zealand, Dhoni failed to perform well. But isn’t this just normal?


Dhoni got out without making a good number of runs and disheartened people started blaming him for performing slowly in the match. Team India lost the match and viewers targeted him for the loss.They failed to understand that it was just a bad day for him and this could happen to any player.

Soon social media platforms started flooding with hate comments being posted for Dhoni. Many even demanded Dhoni to retire.


It was sad to see how people so easily forget the legendary performances he has given in the past. Moreover, even in the press conferences, journalists asked other cricketers about Dhoni’s slow performance and if he is the reason behind India’s loss. One of the journos asked a similar question to cricketer Bhuvneshwar Kumar. However, Bhuvi knew ways to handle such situations. Instead of giving a diplomatic answer, the cricketer slammed people who are blaming Dhoni for India’s defeat.


As reported by crictracker, the cricketer said:

If you look at his record, nobody (team management) is really bothered. Whatever he has done, he has been doing well, he knows he is a legend. Whatever he is doing, it is benefitting the Indian team. No one has any doubts about him.

This was undoubtedly the best answer Bhuvi could have given. Dhoni’s team showed immense support during his  hard times. Team India defeating New Zealand in the third match of T20 series by six runs has won the series by 2-1. Hopefully, people will now stop demanding the legend to retire.