A Sweet Shop In Ajmer Is Called ‘Bhutiya Halwai’ And The Reason Behind It Will Surprise You

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1:27 pm 20 Nov, 2017


There is an eight decade old sweet shop in Ajmer (Rajasthan) that is bound to scare you with its name. It is called ‘Bhutia Halwai.’

Mithila Awaz

The shop, that was opened during the period of Britishers, is so popular that every one visiting the city never forgets to bring with them their ‘Gond Ke Laddu.’ People are also fond of their hot milk and lassi.

The milk served by ‘Bhutia Halwai.’ Taste of city

People in that era used to say that ghosts were making sweets during the night time in the shop. The story behind the unique name of this shop goes like this.

In 1933, one Lalaji Moolchand Gupta of Alwar opened a shop in Alwar gate area. At that time it was a secluded place and the shop takes down its shutters by 5 pm. However, the owner (Lalaji) used to make sweets in his shop during the night time.


When people started seeing sweets ready in the shop in the morning they started saying that the ghosts were making these sweets in the night. Since Lalaji was making sweets in the shop, they started calling him ‘Bhutiya Halwai.’


The shop has become a brand now. It is now being run by his sons and grandsons.

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