Bhajji Blasts Haters In A Series Of Tweets After He Was Trolled For Celebrating ‘Karwa Chauth’

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4:19 pm 9 Oct, 2017

India is famous for its festivals and culture. The diverse population of India gives the people of other communities a chance to enjoy each other’s festivals, and this is the beauty of our nation. However, there are people who don’t believe in unity in diversity and indulge in spewing hate for other communities and religions. And even celebrities are not spared. Something similar happened with Harbhajan Singh when he posted the pictures of his beautiful wife, Geeta Basra, celebrating Karwa Chauth.


Here’s the wonderful tweet Harbhajan posted with a beautiful photograph of Geeta:

Harbhajan’s wife kept the fast for her husband. However, there are some people who thought that it’s their responsibility to tell Bhajji that he shouldn’t have celebrated Karwa Chauth because it’s not a Sikh festival or custom. Soon Harbhajan’s tweet got flooded with hate comments.

These comments made Bhajji so furious that he replied to the haters in a series of tweets bashing each one of them. Here are the angry tweets that Harbhajan posted.

It’s sad to see people talking like this even in 2017, rather than feeling proud of the diversity of India. Well done, Bhajji!


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