Bhajji Exposes Amrapali Group, Slams People Who Accused Him And Dhoni Of Enjoying Free Villas

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11:00 am 24 Aug, 2017


There has been a lot of talk about the Amrapali Group. People are extremely angry with Amrapali’s “Sapphire” Project in Noida. The group promised to present a flat to each member of the Indian cricket team after Team India won the 2011 World Cup. Amrapali launched its first phase in 2009 at Noida sector 45, and it is being said that the project is now completed. However, people are not happy with the results. Out of 1000 flats, 800 have been occupied but the buyers are now complaining about the civil and electrical works.


The people who invested in the Amrapali project are now even lashing out at the cricketers. Harbhajan Singh who is known for his aggressive nature had to face the wrath on Twitter because of the Amrapali group.



A Twitter user who had once invested in the Amrapali project accused Bhajji and Dhoni of enjoying free villas. He even said that the cricketers are having fun with their perfect villas but the common public is suffering after investing the project.

Check out his tweet:


Harbhajan Singh was quick enough to correct him and exposed the scam of Amrapali Group. He simply denied that he received a villa from the group. The cricketer said that their names have been used to lure people and make them invest in the project.

Here’s what Bhajji tweeted in reply:


Bhajji was again accused of telling a lie. Another user attacked the cricketer saying that the president of the Amrapali Group is a good friend of MS Dhoni.


Harbhajan Singh lost his cool and asked the user to use his brain and asked him to interrogate Dhoni about the matter.

It’s time that Amrapali Group take notice of all the complaints that the buyers are making. What do you think?