Boyfriend Spends Thousands To Meet His Online Girlfriend; Then He Beats Her Up

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7:00 pm 3 Feb, 2015

Once again, love and the internet have teamed up against humanity to cause anger and pain.

Huang, a Chinese man, met his online girlfriend, Xiaojin, after spending thousands of dollars, only to realize that what he got was not what he wanted.

The two lovebirds had met on WeChat, a social networking application, around a month ago.

Huang was so captivated by Xiaojin’s big eyes, delicate oval face and flawless skin that he decided he just had to meet her.

Huang then spent thousands of dollars to fly to Wenzhou Bridge, where Xiaojin worked, to meet his “goddess” only to be bitterly disappointed.

Not only was his “goddess” much bigger in size in real life, she also had acne and was tanned.

At first Huang refused to believe that this was the same woman he had fallen in love with online. He told her that there can’t be such a big difference between the photos and reality.

Xiaojin informed him that the photos were definitely of her; but in her photos she had been wearing makeup and they had been edited, whereas this was her “bare face”.

The two started fighting and, in a fit of rage, Huang assaulted Xiaojin. After this both were taken to the police station, where the matter was finally resolved.

Huang has returned to his own hometown, but the last he was heard from, he declared that he will never believe in online romance again.

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