10 Extremely Annoying Situations When You Would Hate To Live With Your Roommate

10:00 am 4 May, 2015


Ever experienced the ‘comforts’ provided by a roommate? If you have fond memories, you have either been very lucky or were the problem we are referring to here. Often, having a roommate is a problem and situations like these actually make you feel like you should never have chosen to stay with one.

1. When they do things just for the sake of doing and never care to check if it’s being done properly.

Like cleaning.


2. When they count everything they do, give or offer you but never what you do for them.



3. When they order that pizza or that drink they like but you don’t.

And you are forced to eat it because you are short of cash.


4. When they do as they like but object when you do what you like.


5. They cannot wait for you to finish your daily ablutions but want you to wait for them at breakfast when they are doing it.


6. When they just do not recognize any of the good things you have been doing since you people started staying together.


7. When they have become the source of leaking of all your personal matters in your social circle.


8. When they have become nothing more than just pestering moths in your eyes.


9. When, before a guest, they start behaving as if they are the ones who do all the cleaning stuff.


10. When in a company of friends they become too smart and make you a butt of jokes.


I could think of only these many, and I am already at my wit’s end. Do share your grievances in comments.



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