12 Situations When It’s Better To Divorce

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 8:12 pm


While most people wish that their unions remain happy and last a lifetime, sometimes you have to face the fact that it is better to go your separate ways rather than stay together. Our society teaches us to try, try and try again but in some cases, to let go is the best and only option.

1. If love has turned to hate

Once you could spend hours in their company, now you can barely manage a minute in their presence. If every time you look at the other person you feel hatred or resentment, it may be time to move on.


2. If anger has become your main emotion


When we’re in a situation that we don’t like, we can only think of getting away from it. In a situation like marriage, when you’re living together, getting away seems impossible so you tend to be irritable and angry all the time.


3. If you avoid going home

Your work day is over but you’ll ask your friends to go out shopping, to the movies or a daru party. Even the lamest excuse seems like a great reason to spend time away from home. When you’re tired, you’d rather crash at a friend’s place.

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4. If you’re setting a bad example

Children learn how to behave from their parents, so if you’re constantly fighting or living together like strangers, your children will not learn how to be in healthy relationships or how to communicate properly when they’re upset.

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5. If children have become messengers

If you communicate with each other solely through your children, then you need to re-evaluate why you’re still together. If you stay together for the sake of the children, when your children realize that you were miserable because of them, they will feel guilty.

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6. If love has come later rather than sooner

This is a tricky situation, but what’s done is done. If you (or your partner) have fallen in love with someone else, it is best to make a clean break of it and start anew. Sure your friends, family and society might judge you (or your spouse), but happiness requires some sacrifices.

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7. If your friends have to take sides

If this battle zone that you call a marriage has involved not only you but extended family and friends as well, it’s time you two sat down and discussed things. Constant complaining can wear the healthiest relationships down.

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8. If you’ve lost all trust in your partner

When you have to go out with your partner or when they serve you some food/drink, you feel less thankful and more worried. If you spend your time wondering what else they can do to hurt you, it’s better to go your separate ways.


9. If you feel trapped

If the only reason you’re staying together is because your partner has threatened you with bad consequences, then you should get in touch with a good lawyer or an organization that can help in such a situation. Don’t live your life as a victim.


10. If there’s physical abuse

This doesn’t apply to women alone; many men are also the victims of domestic abuse. If you have become your partner’s punching bag (whether verbally or physically), you need to get away from him/her.

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11. If you’re losing your identity

If your spouse has cut you off from your friends and family and always tries to change who you are as a person, just walk away. If you have to pretend to be someone else to keep your partner happy then you should know that they don’t appreciate you.

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12. If you’re the only joke around

If the only time your spouse is really having fun is when they’re making fun of you, move on. When you’re constantly belittled by your partner, not only do people lose respect for you, you can also end up suffering from anxiety and depression.



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