15 Women Who Should Be The Face Of #BetiBachaoBetiPadhao

10:00 am 8 Mar, 2016


With the newest #BetiBachaoBetiPadhao campaign on boards, the NaMo Government has hit yet another major issue of women liberation and empowerment. However, do you think having celebrity faces can alone do justice to any campaign?

Like we all know, the ambassadors for this campaign are Madhuri Dixit Nene, Sushmita Sen and Nandita Das. But don’t you think it is time for us to break this obsession with the actors, and rope in some really worthy people who can represent the Indian women in the truest sense of the term?


1. The ISRO scientists


Be it the launch of Mangal Abhiyaan or the IRNSS, they have been making India proud since decades. Let’s not forget them!


2. Irom Chanu Sharmila

She has the record of holding the longest hunger strike. She is an activist that many aspire to be but few have the courage to be.


3. Chhavi Rajawat

When we think of flying to the States or Europe to establish a blissful career after getting our MBA degrees, this The sarpanch with an MBA degree ditched her high-paying corporate job only to return to her native state, and implement various projects for ushering a better India.


4. Sita Sau

Most of us are even unaware of her existence—she is a girl who won two Bronze medals at the 2011 Special Olympics in Athens only to be forgotten later on, and thrashed into a livelihood of selling golgappas in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh.


5. Puja Thakur

She won our hearts when she surpassed all the men in the Indian Air Force to become the first officer to lead the Inter-Service Guard of Honour that was inspected by the US President, Barrack Obama.


6. Harshini Kanhekar

Well, nearly a decade ago, she became the first-ever firefighter for India, and since then, has been fighting to save people.


7. Bhakti Sharma

After all, she has been the youngest person in the world to hold a swimming record in the massively chilly waters of Antarctica!


8. Arunima Sinha

A lesser-known sportsperson, this lady climbed atop Mount Everest and unfurled the National Flag there in spite of losing a leg in an accident. And, you still think women are weak souls?


9. Mary Kom

Thanks to the Bollywood flick, at least this name and her amazing feat are no longer hidden from you!


10. Tania Sachdeva

This beautiful maiden could have amazing luck in Bollywood; however, she chose to stick with her non-glamorous sport of Chess, and became the Women’s Grandmaster in 2005 followed by being the International Grandmaster in 2008. She is also one of the youngest receivers of the Arjuna Award.


11. Asha Roy

Daughter of a vegetable seller, Asha Roy dared to dream big and set a National Record at the National Open Athletics Champion, Kolkata in 2011.


12. Arundhuti Bhattacharya

The first woman Chairperson of the State Bank of India, Arundhuti Bhattacharya has also been featured in the 36th slot of the Forbes Most Powerful Women list. Now, that’s some accolade.


13. Chanda Kochhar

The CEO of the ICICI Bank has bagged a place in the Fortune List of 25 Most Powerful Women in the Asia-Pacific Region, and this Padma Bhushan Awardee has been consistently holding position in the list since 2008!


14. Reena Kaushal Dharmshaktu

This lady, along with a team of 8 other women, became the first woman to ski through the chilliest and deserted regions of the world to reach the southern-most tip of the South Pole—a feat that always seemed impossible to achieve.


15. Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi

The Chairperson and CEO of the world’s second largest food and beverage company, Pepsi Co, Nooyi was named the third most powerful business women in 2014 by Fortune. She has regularly bagged places in the most powerful women’s lists around the world.




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