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10 Best Travel Accessories Every Traveller Should Have In Their Collection

Published on 5 December, 2018 at 6:09 pm By

“To travel is to…”! Yes, I have left the last word blank as travel means varied things to different people. While some are addicted to traveling, other uses it as a way of escaping from their chaotic daily life. Whatever the reason might be, traveling is an adventure that makes us happy. Wandering off in the unknown or pre-planned visit to a known place, even the type of traveling differs from one person to another. Amidst these differences, there are some things that stand true for all, the need for best travel accessories.


We have made an attempt to come up with such ten items that can serve as your perfect accessory option. Don’t forget to let us know which of these best travel accessories you like the most.


1. Sleep Mask and Blind Fold



Sleep mask, best travel accessories

₹ Rs. 310



I can’t sleep with rays of light dancing on my closed eyelids. I am pretty sure that is the issue with many and it gets worse during travel. Be it on train, car, or flight the blast of light certainly kills any chance of a sound sleep. A sleep mask is a perfect solution to that irritating issue. If we talk about this particular product then it has pretty nice features that make up for a good product. Specially designed by a yoga teacher, this mask by Om shanti spiritual products and friends of meditation is made of mulberry silk. It also offers total blockage of light for those who can have a peaceful sleep in total darkness. With its hypoallergenic nature, it can easily be used daily. The silky and smooth texture makes it suitable for both children and adults.


2. Amazon Basics Bag Organizer Packing Cubes



Travel organizer, best travel accessories

₹ Rs. 999



There are some who organizes their suitcases in almost an artistic manner. I feel that is a great skill and I lack it completely. Hence, I rely on the additional help of organizer bags. Let’s face it; they certainly help in reducing the risk of taking a messy luggage during travel. This is one of such product. Is it worth buying? Let’s explore some features.

With breathable and mesh-top panels, this specific product provides the stored items with essential ventilation. Also, it becomes easier to identify the stored item at-a-glance. Personally, I have used many travel organizers and this is one of them that I don’t regret buying. It is sleek and comes in multiple sizes.

This combination set contains 4 bags. They are of multiple sizes like slim, small, medium, and large. Here are the size details:

  • Slim: 14 x 5 x 2.8 inches (LxWxH)
  • Small: 11 x 6.75 x 3 inches (LxWxH)
  • Medium: 13.75 x 9.75 x 3 inches (LxWxH)
  • Large: 17.5 x 12.75 x 3.25 inches (LxWxH)

The small cubes can be used for packing varied types of items. It can be lingerie, socks, accessories, tops, jackets, or jeans. The added features of double zipper and machine wash certainly add on to the advantage of this product. Should you buy it? Well, I have laid out the features for you to take an informed decision.


3. Sharp Plus International Travel Adapter



International travel adapter, best travel accessories

₹ Rs. 213


A few years back I was on my trip to England and the thing I forgot to pack was an international adapter. To tell you the truth, I had no idea that something like that is even required. What I mean is that I never imagined that the charging sockets are different across the world. It was my good luck that a fellow traveler came to my rescue and lent me his extra international charger. Since then, I have always kept one charger handy. What makes up a good international charger? It should have a sleek and smart design while satisfying the need for proper charging. This particular product works in over 150 countries. It can fit into the electrical socket of Europe, UK, Australia, USA, Spain, Japan besides other countries with ease. This all-in-one adapter helps in charging almost all kind of electronic gadgets. It is an interchangeable adapter and you can fit any to your device’s AC power cord to start charging. Measuring 15.3 x 10 x 5.1 cms with 109 grams weight, it easily fits in any part of your travel bag. Not to forget it also has a child protection safety shutter.


4. Trajectory 3 in 1 Travel Accessories Combo



Best travel accessories combo

₹ Rs. 699


December is certainly the traveling season. Are you all set to pack your bags and explore the beautiful places around? Well, don’t forget to get yourself some of the important things. Wondering what are those?

To sleep properly during your journey a sleep mask is an essentiality that you cannot deny. Also, the neck pillow will make sure you don’t wake up sore and stiff while sleeping in flight or car. Another essential thing that we always need is headphone. Without that, your journey will be really boring. Naturally, it will restrict you from getting your daily dose of entertainment.

You can always buy these items separately but Trajectory is offering a combo pack. This combo pack contains a neck pillow, a sleep mask, and a headphone cover. Made with high-quality and skin-friendly materials, it certainly makes an honest effort to be one of the best travel accessories.


5. Aircase AP-GDO-109 Gadget Travel Organizer Bag



Organizer bag, best travel accessories

₹ Rs. 899


We live in a digital age! From chargers to wires, it is really hard to imagine life without these items. Naturally, carrying them during traveling becomes an issue. What is the way out? Of course, a good organizer for all the digital accessories! If you are gathering the best travel accessories, this is an item you should never miss. A good organizer should have secure storage space. It should be made with such material that helps in protecting the stored items and also protect them from scratches. If we talk about the product in hand then it claims to provide protection against minor bumps, dust, drops, scratches, and shocks.

There are four mesh pockets that can accommodate different items. Some of the items that you can carry are USB data cables, power banks, pencil cell, pens, small electronics accessories, pen drive, utility items, stationary, memory card, and power adaptors. Besides, it can also store other small items that require protection while traveling. The exterior of the product is prepared using molded eve-plastic. Also, it boasts of having a sturdy zip and rubber puller. The sleek design eliminates your worry about storing it in your luggage. Overall, it can carry lots of items.


6. Qualimate Carbed Car Inflatable Mattress Air Bed



Inflatable bed, best travel accessories

₹ Rs. 2,199


I love sleeping in the car! Since childhood whenever I went on a long drive, I found myself twisting my body to adjust in the car seat and drift away in the world of sleep. However, the effect after of waking up was never pleasant. Body ache and stiff neck certainly killed the fun of having a good sleep. For a few days, I was thinking of buying something that would help me on my upcoming road trip. This product seems like a good option for that purpose. It is an inflatable bed that can be used at different places.

Going by the description it has a dimension of 53 x 32 x 4 inches. I think that will easily fit in the backseat of most of the cars. It comes with a car-powered quick-fill electric pump that can help in inflating the bed easily. It also contains a 12-volt dc power plug for connecting to car power outlets. To make things a bit better two pillows are also added.

This comfortable bed is perfect for use during camping, festivals, travel, and adventures. Both adults and children can use it properly for a good sleep. Lightweight and portable, this inflatable bed seems like a good companion during long trips. I would certainly consider it as one of the best travel accessories. What about you?


7. Mother’s Hand Headrest Head Support for Kids



Hand rest for kids, best travel accessories

₹ Rs. 3965


Traveling with kids, especially in the car, is a real tough job. This new product recently caught my attention while searching for kid-friendly travel accessories. Carefully designed, this is a product that claims to provide support to the kids head during traveling. Personally, I have not used it but seem like a product that will be a heaven’s gift for the parents of young kids.

This headrest is designed in the shape of the human hands. It provides the essential support to the kids head while they are traveling. The support is provided between the shoulder and jawline as needed by the young travelers.

Recommended for kids above 1 year, this item went through multiple testing to ensure a high standard of safety. Made with comfortable material it doesn’t harm the kid’s skin in any way. The headrest is certainly one of the best traveling accessories due to its compatibility with car seat and stroller.


8. Petrice Panzl Waterproof Travelling Shoes Storage Bag



Traveling shoe storage bag, best travel accessories

₹ Rs. 499


During traveling, packing the shoes often is an inconvenience. With the Jugadu mind of an Indian, I always use plastic bags to wrap my shoes. I can’t deny that it is a bit embarrassing. What was unknown to me is that there are cute baggies for packing the shoes too. Hence, I started searching for the good and affordable ones. This product is one of the options I am considering.

Made with Polyester/nylon, it has double zip. Also, strong stitching helps in carrying the weight of the footwear. The carry handle is conveniently designed. Lightweight and easy-to-carry, it also has one small net compartment beside the main storage area. Also, it is available in multiple colors. Do you think it will serve as one of your best travel accessories?


9. Portable And Adjustable Travel Footrest For Airplane



Footrest, best travel accessories

₹ Rs. 599


This product is super cute! Keeping my excitement aside let me take you through the advantages of having this adorable item. Made with thick memory foam this is one of such travel accessories that take care of your feet during travel, especially in flight. It is like a recliner for the feet that ensures comfort during travel. It is absolutely easy to use and has an adjustable feature. The lightweight of the product makes it easier for carrying. Do you think you need this product in your next travel? Let us know in the comments below.


10. Thames Oscar Nylon Soft-Sided Luggage Set of 3



Travel bag, best travel accessories

₹ Rs. 7995


What is the most important thing that you need during traveling? Of course, bags! For me, a good bag needs to be lightweight and spacious. It should also be of durable material. Also, the wheels should have 360 degrees rotation. This set of 3 travel bags almost ticks all the points from that checklist.

Made with premium nylon fabric, each bag comes with 3 compartments. They also have number lock and smooth wheels. Resistant to abrasions, scuffs, and tears they are also easy to clean. The dimensions and sizes of the three bags are:

  • Small 22 Inch (2.5 Kgs)
  • Medium 26 Inch (3.5 Kgs)
  • Large 30 Inch (4 Kgs)


With an option for expansion, they conveniently store the items. If you are looking for travel bags, this set is worth considering.


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