9 Best Toys To Gift Your Kid On This Children’s Day Under Rs 10,000

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Updated on 20 Nov, 2018 at 4:19 pm


There’s no greater joy than watching a child getting excited while opening a mini-car, dinosaur or other popular plaything. Many parents would agree that playing with good toys prompts children to learn new skills, define themselves as individuals, and promote creativity.

Gift is a nice way to showing show your love for your children. But finding the perfect gift item for your kids has always been a struggle. So in order to make your life easy here is a list of gifts that can you present to your child on this Children’s Day.


1. Amazon Echo – smart speaker with Alexa


Samart speakers are a rage nowadays as they are designed to make your life easier than ever. With many now considering smart speakers to be the future of home automation, there is no doubt that these devices are here to stay. One such product that can do many things for you is none other than Amazon Echo. Obviously, it serves an expanding niche in the Indian household. The company says the device uses eight microphones and “far-field technology” so Alexa can recognise your voice while music is playing. Now you can check the latest cricket scores, play music, control your smart home, do online shopping, and check out the local rush hour traffic… all with just the power of your voice. Well, it was just unthinkable a few years ago. So now your kids can learn facts (for instance dog facts, cat facts, dinosaur facts), to improve their knowledge.


Amazon Echo, Best Toys To Gift Your Kid under Rs 10000

₹ 9999



2. Webby battery operated motor bike

It is indeed fun to watch your little one driving a bike with a hysterical scream of joy. There is no doubt that by riding such bikes kids develop skills such as balance and agility. All they have to do is control where the toy goes, instead of relying on pedalling. By gifting your kid a battery-powered ride-on you’ll encourage independence and trust. At least for a day your kid can have the chance to be like dad and be the envy of other kids.


Webby battery operated motorbike, Best Toys To Gift Your Kid under Rs 10000

₹ 6495


3. Razor Ripstik Brights Caster Board

The RipStik caster board is like surfing or snowboarding on dry land. Through a unique twisting motion, RipStik’s 360-degree, inclined casters and pivoting deck move the rider forward. For this one does not need to push off the ground! Teenagers will surely fall in love with this product. Though it looks tricky to ride, once your kid gets the hang of it – then it’ll be non stop fun. After getting this product they will surely spend much of the time outdoors. You can also watch how it works by going through videos on YouTube.


Webby battery operated motorbike, Best Toys To Gift Your Kid under Rs 10000

₹ 6495


4. Makeblock Kid’s Codey Rocky smart robot

If you want to gift your child so that they can learn about programming while they play and create, then this could be an ideal option for them. The robot uses mBlock, a software which supports both blocked-based and Python programming, to introduce the kids to the world of technology with its inbuilt AI and IoT functionalities. The robot swirls and follows lines and goes around obstacles. The device offers 10 electronic modules that empowers children with the skills to turn their imagination into reality. It can also mimic facial expressions, play music, and follow light.


Makeblock kid's codey rocky smart robot, Best Toys To Gift Your Kid under Rs 10000

₹ 9999


5. Flying Start Magna Tiles multi-color – 96 pieces

If you want to encourage creative thinking and help your child in solving complex problems, then it is a good product for you. This magnetic construction set comes with colourful translucent Magna Tiles that are sized just right and easy to use. So, whether you are using them for building in 3D or creating designs on a flat surface, you’ll surely enjoy this wonderful experience. Magna Tiles boosts hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills to enable kids to explore concepts such as size, sequencing, comparing, cause and effect and spatial relationships. There is no doubt that learning to approach problems in a creative way is a skill that kids can use throughout their lives.


Flying Start magna tiles 96 pieces, Best Toys To Gift Your Kid under Rs 10000

₹ 7999



6. Hatchmatic Practical 6 strings children simulation guitar toy

It is the perfect solution for beginners who want to learn to play guitar. It is a musical toy that can let your child enjoy the pleasure of nursery rhymes. It will help them in understanding the music and promote the development of the brain. It has a silky balance to the tone that supports vocals beautifully.


Hatchmatic Practical 6 strings children simulation guitar toy, Best Toys To Gift Your Kid under Rs 10000

₹ 5398



7. Paw Patrol lookout tower playset

The Look-Out Playset is a playground for your child’s imagination as they recreate incredible scenes from the Nickelodeon TV show! Your little one will love to get their paws all over this Paw Patrol Lookout Playset. They can keep an eye on crime with the looped slope where the brave police dog can slide down straight into the action. When danger is spotted, race to the rescue by hitting the PAW Patrol badge to sound the alarm!


Paw Patrol lookout tower playset, Best Toys To Gift Your Kid under Rs 10000

₹ 5999



8. Mattel Jurassic World colossal tyrannosaurus rex

Kids have long been fascinated with dinosaurs — largely due to Steven Spielberg’s original film “Jurassic Park.” If you think that your kids can’t get enough of Jurassic Park then this is the ultimate gift for them. Your adventure-loving kid will surely love this 3-feet long Tyrannosaurus Rex figure that comes with realistic detail and decoration. The kids can easily walk it around the house like it’s their pet dinosaur. You’ll love when he put small toys down the dinosaurs throat that end up in the stomach. The tail moves around, the feet move around, and the mouth moves around. The toy comes with extra-wide jaws that can open and close and this beast can swallow up to 20 mini action figure dinosaurs.


Paw Patrol lookout tower playset, Best Toys To Gift Your Kid under Rs 10000

₹ 8481

9. BayBee mini battery operated ride on car

Your kid will surely fall in love with this sporty looking car that has sports seats as well. The good part the child can listen to his favourite music while driving. The car aims to create comfortable and luxurious outdoor and indoor fun playtime for kids. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, this makes up a great gifting item for the kids.



BayBee mini battery operated ride on car, Best Toys To Gift Your Kid under Rs 10000

₹ 5490

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