Top 6 Best Question-Answer Websites

7:06 am 12 Jun, 2013

So, what questions are your friends asking you today? Are you stuck up somewhere and are looking for some professional answers by viewers? Do you need to discuss something?
Here you will find the best Question-Answer websites listed below, Have a look:-

6. Metafilter:

Metafilter is a blog where any individual can lay on his/her ideas towards someone’s query by link or by comment. It helps in turning  down the blockade among people and to help them by providing different point of views by discussions and maintaining the thread and the purpose of putting that question.

Top 6 Best Question-Answers Websites

5. Yahoo! Answers:

Yahoo Answers is one of the famous Q-A websites. Yahoo! Answers was created to replace Ask Yahoo, Yahoo!’s former Q&A platform which was discontinued in March 2006. It encourages people who give good answers and provide the best with their views. Yahoo maintains a non-exclusive royalty-free worldwide right to publish the information. Questions are initially open to answers for four days. However, the questioner can choose to close the question after a minimum of one hour or extend it for a period of up to eight days.


Top 6 Best Question-Answers Websites

4. eHow:

This is kind of online guide has millions of articles and videos with step-by-step instructions. These are created by freelancers which cover almost every category under discussion.

Top 6 Best Question-Answers Websites

3. wikiHow:

wikiHow is a web-based and wiki-based website containing all the required information of how to guide people step-by-step. It is evolving at a very fast rate while satisfying viewers who get their answers.

Top 6 Best Question-Answers Websites


2. Quora:

This Quora Q-A website is running at number 1 position satisfying all the audiences and questioners. Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to other users’ answers.

Top 6 Best Question-Answer Websites


1. StackExchange:

StackExchange is a fastest growing network in Q-A related searches. It has become the high network stagging zone which enable users to post several questions and answers.

Top 6 Best Question-Answer Websites



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