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15 Best Open World Games In The World You Need to Play Now

Updated on 4 July, 2019 at 12:16 pm By

The internet and digital era has taken over the world. So for gamers to look for the Best Open World Games out there is quite obvious. The days of video game arcades are long gone and now we have X-box and Playstation to get the gamers excited. Such is the world of these Best Open World Games that gamers never want to come out and only wish to spend hours playing it away!


But what’s new out there in the world of open games? The changing pace is such that new games are out everyday and as a gamer you might miss out on what’s new, hot and better than what you might currently be hooked on to. So, we have compiled a list for all gamers and non-gamers with the Best Open World Games. Want to know them? Keep reading below!


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Though the game is actually four years old, it still remains a popular one and is definitely better than the first two Witcher games. Other than the abilities and actions that the characters are able to perform, what makes this a great game are the various elements of the game which are spectacularly polished and the unusually-smart storylines.



Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

It is better than its predecessor in the sense that the fantastic RPG mechanics from  Assassin’s Creed: Origins make a return in this one with some much-needed improvements.




Forza Horizon 4

What’s a racing game doing on the list of Best Open World Games? But you’ll be surprised to know that the systems on this one create one of the smoothest, fastest and the best open world racing games we’ve ever had the pleasure to play.



Grand Theft Auto V

How can the list of Best Open World Games be complete without GTA on it, right? This one’s been out since a while now but the fact that it works superbly in multiplayer still makes it the best open world game on PC!



Metal Gear Solid V

The virtual world of Metal Gear Solid V is highly bleak, weather-torn and heavily guarded. In a first of its kind, this game has a feature where the game learns from the behavior of the player  for instance if one uses a particular tactic repeatedly the enemies will adapt and learn how to defend themselves against it. How challenging is that, right?




Fallout 4

The game’s uniqueness is that despite having a plot you’ll forget all about it while you do the engaging side missions and even if you do everything accordingly, it has the tendency to be immensely replayable!



Middle Earth: Shadow of War

The game’s unique nemesis system is what made its first release Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor popular and it doesn’t fail  in providing a way better experience with this new one!


Ghost Recon Wildlands

Not only is this, one of the Best Open World Games for playing by yourself but it gets better when you’re playing with friends. This is because when you team up with your friends, the gameplay around its plot is elevated to another level entirely. So, the more the merrier!


Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 takes the  super-powered hijinks of the original and first Crackdown and scales it to modern graphics without affecting much of what made the first one so great.  Lookout for the Wrecking Zone multiplayer game mode which makes the the entire virtual city destructible.

Far Cry 5

This game allows the gamer to go anywhere on the map – and do anything.  What’s more is that it doesn’t limit this freedom down by the amount of space you have open to you either, making it perhaps one of the biggest game maps, gamers have ever experienced!


Yakuza Kiwami

The game is a compelling mix of some of the most serious storytelling coupled with silly moments, where we as players get to wear the shoes of Kazuma Kiryu as he makes and fights his way through the Yakuza’s ranks.


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Rage 2

Rage 2 has improved on almost every aspect of the original Rage. A ton of big guns combined with deadly Ark powers which you can use to discard off  your enemies is fun, thrilling and exciting.




Kingdom Come: Deliverance

With this game, you have the freedom to interact with the NPCs which means its lets you interact with the open world of the game, in whichever way you want. The virtual world stretches as far as the eye can see giving the chance to explore as much as you want without feeling the guilt of  procrastinating from the main quest.



Mad Max

If your cup of tea is action rather than story, then Mad Max is your answer. Because, most of this game is about vehicular warfare and confronting camps of War Boys.


Horizon Zero Dawn

The game is set in a a post-post apocalyptic world where tribes hunt robots. The breathtaking surroundings are an add on and also of course make traversing the map a joy, once you’re done with the sidequests.


So, which one of these Best Open World Games have you already tried or are likely to take on next? Did we miss out on listing any good ones here? Let us know in the comments. Happy Gaming!




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