Here Are Some Lucknowi Dishes That You Can’t Afford To Miss In This Lifetime

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11:31 am 23 Oct, 2018


Lucknow, also known as Land of Nawabs, is world famous for its rich Awadhi cuisine. The city, a traveler’s delight and a paradise for food lovers, is renowned for its nazakat (elegance), nafasat (grace) and tehzeeb (etiquette). Right from kebab to shahi tukda and from biryani to sheermal, you just can’t afford to miss the Awadhi cuisine. The good part is the sheer variety of food that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world.
What makes Lucknowi cuisine so unique is the blend of spices and the use of saffron, red chili, cinnamon, cardamom, etc. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a food lover or not, there is no reason you can miss these seven heavenly dishes of Lucknow.


1. Galawati Kebab


Galawati means ‘soft’. The legend has it that this dish was invented when a toothless Nawab desired for Kebabs, and the seasoned cooks came up with Galawati Kebab. This kebab needed no chewing, yet had all the rich flavors and taste of a kebab.


In this dish, the minced meat is marinated in a ground spice powder, and then it is deep fried in the batter of gram flour, egg and, green chilies. It is best served with a tang of lime and coriander leaves.


2. Boti Kebab


Boti Kebab is a perfect recipe for parties and get-togethers. This is prepared using cubed mutton pieces which are marinated with papaya paste, green chili paste and garlic paste. Thereafter, they are cooked with a melange of spices and served hot.




3. Tunday Kebab


‘Tunday’ means handicapped. Legend has it that the kebab maker, Haji Murad Ali, lost one of his arms after he fell off the roof. But this didn’t stop him from pursuing his passion for cooking. Thereafter, he made a paste with 160 spices using only one hand, and then, this iconic dish was born.


4. Rogan Josh


It is spicy curry having soft meat, and this delicacy warms you up from the inside. Though the dish forms an important part of Kashmiri cuisine, you haven’t really tasted it if you haven’t tried it in the City of Nawabs.




5. Lucknowi Biryani


The mouth-watering dish is a famous street-food. The rice is cooked separately in fresh and natural masalas, and the marinated chicken is added later. Rest they say, you cannot buy happiness but you can definitely buy a biryani.


6. Tokri Chaat


The tokri or the basket is delightfully crispy chat, and it is made by deep-frying grated potatoes using a mould.

Who doesn’t loves chat?


7. Lucknawi paan


No meal is complete without a paan. Lucknowi paan has a unique taste, which you won’t find anywhere else in India.