8 Reasons Why Love Stories That Take Years To Start Are The Best Ones

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Updated on 15 Oct, 2015 at 9:16 am


She planned a hangout but you thought it was a date. That’s the chaos that love kindles. You practiced the three magical words a millions times. As her excited footsteps made their way to the seat in front of you, she promptly bubbled, “I am moving out of India for further’studies”. And you swallowed the tantalizing kiss and dream proposal back into your heart. But you knew in your heart of hearts that it was not over, it’s just the beginning of long-lasting romance.

Here are the reasons why love stories that take years to start are the best ones.


1. Love that succeeds in few days is not true love.


Love that survives the test of time and still stays fresh as ever, without any pinch of judgment and regret is actually real love. Living each day with the vibrant faith that you will end up with them may sound foolish but it somewhere completes you from within.

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2. From the very moment you saw each other, you experienced an inseparable connection.

The first divine glance followed with shy flirting created a more-than-just-friends bond. It was very crystal clear from the start that you guys will never be just buddies.



3. Destiny conspires to make you two meet again and again.

No matter where you live and who you are, your paths kept crossing each other accidentally till the time you both realize that you are meant to be together.

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 4. Whenever you meet, it seemed like it was yesterday

The time you were away had no definition. It never mattered how many months you stayed separate. All the destiny conspired moments were enough to light up inextinguishable spark.



5. It will never be too late for you guys

Sometime you wanted her, but she didn’t and sometime it was other way round. But there will be time when you both will want each other at the same time.



6. You never actually dated or had a break-up

There are some relationships which are beyond the puzzled theories of dating and break-up. You never actually dated, as it was never a prerequisite formula, just the word ‘LOVE’ completely defined your relationship.



 7. You were actually never over with each other

During the time you were not together, you tried dating someone else but you could always feel the shades of each other’s love at the back of the mind.


8. The wait will be worth it

It may take 7 years or 17 years to shelter each other in togetherness. But every struggle and every painful moment of rift will dissolve itself to make way for the perfect moment.


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