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13 Best Indian Web Series You Should Add On Your Watchlist

Updated on 13 December, 2018 at 5:26 pm By

There is a lot of buzz all around the town for Netflix’s first ever India web series Sacred Games. Well, the benchmark has been set quite high for the upcoming web-series in India with its release. Sacred Games is the quintessential Mumbai noir tale that is filled with engaging narratives. Apparently, web series are considered for the independent portrayal of a storyline in a bolder and explicit manner that is not bound by scissors of the censor board. In India, web series have made their concrete position in the market by giving a fierce competition to the mainstream daily soaps. Fresh ideas and free writing have made these web series break many stereotypes through their shape-shifting content. There are some of the best Indian web series that are ruling over the Internet.


With Sacred Games creating quite a buzz, Netflix is planning to launch more web series for the Indian audience. However, there are other series from different genres that made a mark in the mind of the audience.


Take a look at the list of 13 best Indian web series for a break from the monotonous daily soaps:


1. TVF Permanent Roommates


Permanent Roommates is one of the most commercially successful web-series India has ever produced. With two splendid seasons, this rom-com explores the life of a couple trying to make it work in a live-in relationship. With niche genre, brilliant performances, and simple storyline, this web series has had a strong viewership over the years, especially among the millennial.



2. Bose: Dead/Alive



With total 9 episodes, Bose: Dead/Alive tells the legendary story of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s mysterious death that shook the nation. Rajkummar Rao as Bose will make your jaws drop with his sheer remarkable acting. This Indian web series has the potential to keep the audience on their toes. No wonder it’s considered as one of the best Indian web series.


3. Breathe



This thriller Indian web series of a father’s struggle to save his dying son will intrigue you to the very core. R. Madhavan makes his debut on the small screen and what a splendid performance. Breathe leaves the audience wanting for more with every episode and is a worth binge-watching.


4. TVF Pitchers


‘Tu beer hai!’ is has become one of the most famous punch lines from a web-series in India. Pitchers tell the story of four friends-cum-entrepreneurs who faces hindrances on the way to fulfill their dream to build a startup. Its storyline is one of the firsts in the genre of the web-series that will surely make you leave your boring jobs and follow your dreams.


5. The Aam Aadmi Family



This web series has successfully captured the essence of the structure of an Indian middle-class family. With two super-hit seasons, The Aam Aadmi Family has won the hearts of the audience with its simple storyline and marvelous acting. The series revolves around the everyday problems of a middle-class family and their struggles to find solutions.


6. Laakhon Mein Ek



Comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath created this web series to tell the story of every student in the country who is facing the problems arising from exceeding expectations in a toxic education system. Laakhon Mein Ek tells about the struggles of a young boy named Aakash who is trying to make it big after constant pressures from his parents. Trust me! You will connect to the series on so many levels.


7. Inside Edge



A tale that captures the fast-paced life of the world of entertainment and cricket, Inside Edge, has lots of twists and turns to keep you engaged. It stars some of the most successful Bollywood actors who have given a power-packed performance that makes the show a must watch for the digital audience.


8. Dev DD



A modern take on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel Devdas, this web series explores the life of a young woman who is trying her best to break the stereotypes revolving around a typical Indian woman. Created by Ekta Kapoor, this Dev DD tells the story of Devika who struggles in life in order to be the most liberated person anyone has ever seen.


9. The Test Case



Well, The Test Case starring Nimrat Kaur in a one-woman army show is probably the best thing that has happened for the Indian audience in years. This original web series tells the story of Captain Shikha Sharma who is preparing to be the Indian Army’s first female test case in a combat role. Her struggles in trying to make her place in a male-dominated academy is something that you can look forward to in this series.


10. Man’s World



Have you ever imagined what will happen if the world was opposite – I mean if there was a reversal of roles between the men and women in the society. How do you think that will look? Well, Man’s World web series follows a fictional tale of a guy whose life turns upside down when the women are dominating the men and the men are facing women’s issues. The web series is as hilarious as it can get while portraying the dark side of gender inequality.


11. Sacred Games



12. Girl in the city


best indian web series


13. Mirzapur




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