Best Gimmicks in The Current WWE Roster

8:00 am 16 Apr, 2013



Without gimmicks, the WWE will be robbed off the glitz and glamour the wrestlers bring with them. Gimmicks are usually fictional but sometimes can be designed as close to the real personality of the wrestler. For instance CM Punk is a straightedge guy in real life and that is how he is portrayed in WWE. At the same time the Undertaker has got nothing to do with the dead but his gimmick is one of the most famous ones in the history of the federation. Here is a list of some famous gimmicks of wrestlers in the current WWE roster.

1. CM Punk – Straight Edge Messiah

2. Jack Swagger – The Real American

3. Vickie Guerrero – Cougar In Charge

4. Ryback – The Hungry Giant

5. Wade Barrett – Bare Knuckle Street Fighter

6. The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins) – Shield Against Injustice

7. Fandango – Ballroom Dancer

8. Daniel Bryan – Yes/No!

9. Aj Lee – Crazy

10. Sheamus – The Celtic Warrior

11. Damien Sandow – The Intellectual Savior of The Masses

12. Dolph Ziggler – Showoff

13. John Cena – Super Man

14. Mark Henry – World’s Strongest Man