Best Cos-Players Of Comic Con India Who Will Help You To Decide Your Costume

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Updated on 28 Nov, 2015 at 2:00 pm




Comic con India is back and so is your dream to dress up like your favorite popular culture characters



If you are confused about your costume for Comic Con India, here is a list of the best Cos-players of Comic Con India. Check them out and be “inspired”. Best costumes will win a trip to Beijing from Comic Con India!

As Spiderman has taken a backseat, try something new, like  Sk Aditya, who dressed as Electro from the movie ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ for Comic Con Hyderabad.



Or you can just kick everybody’s ass as Naruto just like Viswanathan Subbu did during Comic Con Bangalore.



Slender man will snatch the limelight too! Abhi Lumin Shandilya dressed as one for Comic Con Bangalore.



Don’t forget Walter White from ‘Breaking Bad’. All that you will need is a yellow raincoat and a mask. The look was chosen by Bharat Saka at Comic Con Bangalore



Sharath Tata dressed as the villain Jigsaw from the movie ‘Saw’ during Comic Con Hyderabad. Well, a creepy good idea this is!



If you are winter ready to flaunt your abs, then Batman is not a bad option, whereas Penguin will help you carry off the chubby look.

People dressed as a Batman and a Joker pose for pictures outside of the 2015 Comic-Con International in San Diego, California July 10, 2015. REUTERS/Sandy Huffaker - RTX1JXVU


For girls, just get out of that ‘angel in the house’ cocoon and shape yourself as Mystique. A unique look may let you win the contest!



Girls, you can dress your boyfriend as Chewbacca while you don a Princess Leia costume. You both will make a good villainous pair.



Dr. Manhattan’s look is another option for all the gym freaks out there!



Or if you want the most economical look, then become a zombie.

A person dressed like a zombie takes part in The Walking Dead Escape experience at Petco Park during the 2015 Comic-Con International Convention in San Diego, California July 10, 2015. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni - RTX1JYIL


Mahima Srivastav dressed as a Zombie Nurse for Comic Con Hyderabad.



So did Kousthubha Medum and Ayu MRi. All you will need are some ketchup pouches!



Mirza Abdullah Baig dressed as Ryuk from a Japanese manga series ‘Death Note’ for the same event. People use incredible skills for the contest. So gear up!



Sheev Palpatine‘s look was donned by Pranav Kondejkar for Comic Con Hyderabad. A black overcoat with a hoodie and a natural looking mask will complete your look.



You can check Aorin Shariyari amazing looks from her page Colour me Aorin. It can give you many ideas for the cos-play contest.







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