19 Best Comedy Movies Of Bollywood You Can Watch With Your Gang

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Updated on 13 Dec, 2018 at 5:35 pm


Bollywood is our constant source of entertainment that serves the purpose through various genres. Comedy is an integral part of the Hindi films. Some of the best comedy movies of Bollywood have entertained people since years and continue to do so. Right from ‘Golmaal’ to ‘Hera Pheri’ we love comedy movies which let us forget our worries and make us laugh our heart out.

Over the years many movies in the comedy genre have been dished out by Bollywood. From new to old, fans often go gaga over some of such movies that never fails to lighted the mood.

Here is a look at the best comedy movies of Bollywood in case you have missed on some:-

1. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

Humour in the midst of corruption and murder is dealt in a rib tickling manner leaving the audience in splits with almost each scene. It is more of a satirical movie rather than a pure comedy but surely never fails its purpose of making your laugh.




2. Golmaal (1979)

Amol Palekar was at his wittiest best playing two characters in this laughter riot of a movie. A lighter twist on classic case of mistaken identities made it one of the best comedy movies of Bollywood.



3. Hera Pheri

Paresh Rawal as ‘Baburao’ gave one of the best performances till date. This movie makes us laugh in almost every frame and scene.



4. Andaz Apna Apna

There is no need to justify why this a great comedy movie. This is a cult film followed till date with dialogues like ‘Teja Mein Hu’ and ‘Crime Master Gogo’ which are imprinted in minds of movie lovers. If you are a true fan of the movie, then you will love this article too.



5. Chachi 420

This was a Hindi remake of the popular Hollywood film ‘Mrs.Doubtfire’ but it is nevertheless a good comedy making it one of the best comedy movies of Bollywood. The sheer innocence of the movie wrapped in comical timings will amaze you.



6. Welcome

A simple man falls in love with a girl who belongs to a gangster family. The ‘miracle miracle’ scene is one of the funniest in Indian cinema that is still loved by the movie buffs.



7. Chup Chup Ke

Shahid Kapoor pretends to be deaf and dumb in this movie and Rajpal Yadav was at his funniest best! If you already haven’t seen the movie, then this must be on your watch list.



8. Malamaal Weekly

When a man dies out of shock after finding out that he has won a lottery, a hilarious chain of events ensues. This one is definitely one of the best comedy movies of Bollywood.



9. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S

A gangster seeks out to become a doctor to fulfill his father’s dreams and to woo the girl he likes, but once he joins the course there is hilarity all around. Sanjay Dutt gives his career best in this one and recently a scene from this movie was depicted in his biopic ‘Sanju’ that attracted hilarious memes from the netizens.



10. Haseena Maan Jaayegi

Govinda and Sanjay Dutt as the two good-for-nothing and notorious brothers will win your hearts making you laugh with their antics.



11. Dulhe Raja

This one is an underrated, unconventional and mostly undiscovered gem. Govinda was his hilarious best as Raja, a dhaba owner who takes up a challenge with five-star hotel owner Kader Khan. The acting by Govinda, Kader Khan, Johnny Lever, and even Prem Chopra made this one of the best comedy movies of Bollywood.



12. Lage Raho Munna Bhai

The second installation of the Munna Bhai series after ‘Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.’ is as hilarious as the first one. There are hardly any scenes where you won’t find yourself grinning.



13. 3 Idiots

Another genius stroke in comedy by Rajkumar Hirani after the Munna Bhai installments, this one too is definitely one of the best comedy movies of Bollywood. The movie tackles the Indian mindset about education and the importance given to grades in a hard-hitting but hilarious way.



14. Golmaal (2006)

Four good-for-nothing men fool a blind couple and enjoy a free stay at their home making them believe that one of them is their son. The result is a hilarious laughter ride. Though different from the original ‘Golmaal’ of 1979, this one too is one of the best comedy movies of Bollywood.



15. Angoor

Two pairs of identical twins with opposing personalities lead us through funny encounters in this classic comedy. Loosely based on Shakespeare’s ‘Comedy Of Errors’, this is a movie you shouldn’t miss.



16. Kissi Se Na Kehna

Farooq Shaikh gave one of his lifetime best performances in this movie which is another classic and evergreen comedy.



17. Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega

Remember the song ‘Aslam Bhai’? Yeah, that was from this movie. Another movie which is underrated and unknown but is definitely one of the best comedy movies of Bollywood.



18. Chupke Chupke

Long before ‘Chup Chup Ke’Bollywood gave us another great comedy in the form of ‘Chupke Chupke‘ which remains an unparalleled and incomparable movie making it one of the best comedy movies of Bollywood till date.



19. Padosan

The ‘girl-next-door’ is pursued by a group of men leading to hilarity giving us one of the best Bollywood comedies which will remain an evergreen one.



After all, laughter is the best medicine! Which ones are on your weekend must-watch list?

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