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10 Best Anti Pollution Masks In India That Can Offer Complete Protection

Published on 13 November, 2018 at 8:11 pm By

During my daily commute, I see so many people donning a mask to keep the evil called pollution away. The surprising thing is that most of them use such masks which are available for Rs 10 or Rs 20. Are they bad? Maybe not bad but they are absolutely worthless against the rising pollution. They are mere pieces of clothes without any resistance to pollutants. From dust to harmful gases, we are exposed to a range of pollutants that causes several health issues. If you are really serious about keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, then we have crafted a list of best anti pollution masks in India for you.



1. Dettol Siti Shield Carbon Activated Air-Pollution Mask

Dettol is a well-known name in every household. Certainly, that evokes some confidence when it’s about selecting the best anti pollution masks in India. As for this product, it has 5-layer filtration for protection again PM 2.5 particles. It also offers 99% filtration for bacteria. The additional activated carbon acts as a shield for your lungs and protects it from certain airborne contaminants. One of the issues with the anti-pollution masks is that it puts some constraint on breathing. However, this mask boasts of having smart valves that help in comfortable breathing. This innovatively designed product is perfect for children too. Available in a pack of 5, the disposable masks can give you continuous protection for up to 8 hours.



Dettol Siti Shield Carbon Activated, best anti pollution masks in india

₹ 495



2. Bodyguard Reusable Anti-Pollution Face Mask with Activated Carbon

Let’s start by deciphering the layers of this mask. There are 6 layers used in this product to stop the ever-increasing pollution from affecting your health. The first layer is made of cotton fabric that stops heavy dust particles. The second layer protects you from VOL, hazardous gases, and smog as it has activated carbon. The third and fourth layers are specially designed to stops the pollutant particles. As for the fifth layer, it gets rid of the unwanted moisture and also provides fresh air. The sixth one is the innermost layer and made of high-quality cotton which makes it soft and ensures comfort.

The specialty of this mask lies in the fact that it has breather valves attached. Made with plastic and silicon rubber, it helps in easy breathing. Alongside the valve, this product is also washable. Just with hot water and careful cleaning, it can be used again. With up to 99% efficiency, this mask claims to be useful for both adults and children.



Bodyguard Reusable Anti-pollution Face Mask, Best Anti Pollution Masks in India

₹ 475


3. Jonty Neoprene PM 2.5 N95 Anti Pollution Activated Carbon Dust Face Mask with Breathing Valve

Except for the blissful places close to nature, most cities and towns in India are plagued by pollution. In some places like Delhi and Mumbai, the issue is so grave that it hampers the health of the citizens. Hence, the search for the best anti pollution masks in India is always on. Naturally, I am also one who is in search for the products providing maximum protection. So, does this product fit the bill? Let’s check out.

This mask claims to shield you from a wide range of pollutants. Some of them are dirt, pollen, allergens, particulates, and fumes. It also protects you from dust allergies, industrial emissions, and PM 2.5. The adjustable Velcro strap ensures that it can be used without worrying about size. Other than the carbon filter for clean breathing, it also has ventilation holes for easy wearing. The mask is washable and the filters replaceable. Does it fit your requirements?



Jonty Neoprene face mask, best anti-pollution masks

₹ 549


4. Meded Breathe Pure Breathe Healthy Anti Pollution Face Mask

High-quality fabric spread across 4-layers is a specialty of this mask besides having a replaceable N90 filter. Why is the filter important? It provides effective protection against the urban air pollution that creates numerous health issues ranging from minor to severe. It offers a comfortable fit as it comes with an adjustable nose bridge bar. The ear loop keeps it wrapped tightly around your face. The mask comes with two filters and the rest can be purchased separately. On an average, one filter is good to use for about 3 months.



Meded Breathe Pure mask, best anti pollution masks in india

₹ 396


5. Prana Air 3 Fan Speed 6 Hours Battery 6 Layer Air Purification Motion Mask

With a very sleek design, this purification mask is more apt for people who are staying in heavily polluted areas like Delhi. It has a 6-layer filtration process that’s quite impressive and removes almost 100% pollutants from the air you are inhaling. The strap is made of such material that is skin-friendly. Alongside, the built-in fan helps in easy and comfortable breathing. Not only for the daily commute, but it can also be used while running or working out.

Taking a look at the layers, the first one has a green filter that effectively stops the big particles. Then there are 2 layers of activated carbons to protect you from harmful gases. Then there is a white filter that is used for stopping particles larger than 0.10 microns. The two final layers are of HEPA that stops all PM 2.5 and PM1 particles.

The features list for this product continues a bit longer as it also has rechargeable batteries for the fan fitted in the mask. The battery can run almost up to 6 hours before it needs a recharge. And, if you are worried about the sound it would make then don’t be! The motor operating the fan is ultra-quiet. This lightweight item certainly comes with a steep price tag. However, it also promises pristine purified air with the use of proper technologies and sleek design.




Prana Air mask, best anti-pollution masks

₹ 3490


6. Nosk Invisible, Washable & Reusable Pollution Mask

Wearing mask is almost inevitable due to the rising level of the pollution. However, there are times when we just don’t want to cover half of our face. If you have a similar feeling, this product type might prove to be your preferred choice. How? Well, it is almost invisible to detect. The special invisible designing is all about inserting filters inside your nose and fastening it with help of clips. It gives you the freedom to talk, work, eat and walk freely without the constraint of covering your face.

The three micro filters help in blocking the harmful particles like PM10, PM2.5 & PM1. It also offers protection against smoke, allergy, bacteria, virus, and dust. Each pack is capable of blocking the pollutants for about 100 hours. This item is, however, designed for teenagers and adults. Backed by international certifications from FDA (USA), Kitech (Korea), and CE (Europe), this product suits the need of those who want protection from pollution without covering their face.



Nosk Invisible, best anti-pollution masks

₹ 399


7. 3M 3M-6200 Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator

In my search for the best anti pollution masks in India, I came across this product that looks almost like a gear used in sci-fi movies. Jokes apart, this mask works along with organic vapor gas cartridge to provide you with protection from pollutants. However, you have to buy the cartridges separately as they are not included in the pack. Made of lightweight elastomeric material you can wear it for long hours without being uncomfortable. Attached with a head harness, the mask stays in place without causing any trouble. With lower breathing resistance it offers protection against gases, vapors, and particulates. It is reusable but the filters need to be changed occasionally. Is it a good buy? That’s for you to decide.



Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator, best anti pollution masks in india

₹ 1021


8. Jonty™ Green Print Neoprene PM 2.5 N95 Anti Pollution Activated Carbon Dust Face Mask with Breathing Valve

This mask has 5 layers and each blocks certain pollutants so you can inhale air that is almost free from pollution. With special emphasis on ventilation process, it offers very less breathing resistance. It is washable and also the valves are replaceable. It gives you about 98% protection against dust, chemicals, smoke, and particles. Adjustable in size, this mask is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Not only for daily use but it can be used during a bike ride.



Jonty Green Print Neoprene, best anti-pollution masks

₹ 649


9. Banale Powerful Portable Carbon Filter Anti-Polution Mask

What kind of protection does this mask provide? The activated carbon filter is capable of resisting pm 2.5, pm 10, dust, pollen, and bacteria efficiently. Easy fit and comfortable to wear, this mask also has a very pleasing design. With multiple color options, it also takes care of the requirement of those who are fashion conscious. It has replaceable filters and each works for about 2 months. Be it for daily use or riding, this mask can prove to be a good companion.



Banale Powerful Portable Carbon, best anti-pollution masks

₹ 2500


10. Nanoclean Global Nasofilters

This specially designed anti-pollution mask is capable of filtering out about 95% of the pollutants. It perfectly and effortlessly fits without causing any kind of discomfort. Besides dust and pollens, it is also effective in filtering out the bacteria from the air you are inhaling. Safe to use, you can wear it up to 12 hours continuously. Nearly invisible from a distance, it doesn’t offer any kind of breathing resistance. There are multiple sizes available for easy use. Applied or fitted directly to the outer part of the nose, this item is not reusable. However, being disposable adds on to the aspect of proper hygiene.



Nasofilters, Best Anti Pollution Masks in India

₹ 110



These were the best anti pollution masks in India that make an honest approach towards providing total protection from pollution. Each is equipped with various features and works differently. So, which one are you picking?


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