Best 20 Unprecedented Images Of Satirical Art Drawings

2:35 pm 26 Mar, 2014


We have all wondered about every sort of beautiful art that can be influential. I have often wondered if there are subjects that are somehow beyond humour and way out of the box. This article is clearly a satirical piece which delivers the art drawings honoring the best 20 images by Polish artist Pawel KuczynskiLaughter and humour is a way of connecting us in a universal way, so I feel it’s my right to “take the piss” to lighten situations. If anyone would care to have a look at this, I’ll oblige.

1. My internet bride got delivered today, she’s the WiFi always dreamed of.

wifi bird

2. Facebook Kingdom

facebook world

3. One Kiss From You, And I Will Turn Back Into The Dapper

lady cow

4. You vote, I Vote

voters guide

5. What Do You Get When You Cross A Chicken With A Knife?

rich n poor

6. How Do You Make A Butterfly?

butterfly wing

7. Cute Press Agency

mouse repoter

8. Who The Hell Fears


9. Owner Is Busy

car wash

10. She Won’t Fit

big cat

11. Warming Up

paint brush

12. Don’t Die Cutepie

penguin jump

13. Calender

special sunday

14. May I Help?

train pulling



16. Dig Your Nose

nose tower

17. One By One

lucky cat

18. Hunger Difference

half full half empty

19. Lets Race

framing pool

20. That Is How To Exercise Your Diet

eating girls



Credit: TOPLST & Pawel Kuczynski

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