Bengaluru Traffic Blues Are All Summed Up In This One Video

3:42 pm 16 Aug, 2018


Bengaluru traffic has transformed the lives of the people living there in some way or the other. All thanks to the heavy traffic in the city, every Bengalurian has a legendary traffic story to narrate. The Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru has its own problems in the name of all-consuming traffic congestion that has become a humongous problem for the commuters. Bengaluru traffic has added to travel time which in turn has reduced their patience and efficiency.

However, what has made the problem of Bengaluru traffic even worse is the outrageous attitude of the people on the roads. Unfortunately, it has become a common scenario in the cities in the country when in a busy traffic spot, a bike rider brushes against a car and all hell breaks loose. As a result, the driver of the car jumps out of the car and starts hitting the bike rider.



Apparently, a similar incident took place during the heavy rush of the Bengaluru traffic when two men got involved in a serious fight in the middle of the road and created even more problems for the people stuck in the traffic during that time.

However, it seems like a usual situation for the commuters in the city, the two men had the most unexpected brawl over some issue during the traffic movement. A video of the road rage between the two people stuck in Bengaluru traffic has gone viral on the internet and it is quite disturbing.



In the video, it is shown that one of the men is a cab driver while the other person seems to be an office-goer who was riding his bike to the office. Later, they had a verbal fight over some issue after which it can be assumed that they abused each other in their local language because of which the fight broke out. After their verbal exchange, the cab driver in white got down from his car and went to hit the guy in the pink shirt.



More images from the fight:



It is quite sad!




The saddest part of the video is that the other commuters in the traffic seemed to be having the subtle art of not-giving-f*ck as they were just watching the fight and did nothing to stop them. However, one person went to control them, he was also thrown away by the two men involved in the fight.


Watch the video of the fight in between the Bengaluru traffic here:



After their fight, the cab driver walked off to his car, took another t-shirt from the back trunk, wore it and just drove away. The most important question that arises here is “What is it about road traffics that makes some people angry enough to kill someone?”



And apparently, it is terrorizing the way people show their rage against one another. Everyone breaks the law, from the families in cars to the rowdy young men on their fancy motorcycles. Interestingly, a user raised a question on Quora – “Is Bengaluru traffic the worst in India?” and one of the users has given an appropriate response to his question, “When you are driving a car and get ‘stuck’ in Bengaluru traffic, you are not stuck—you are the traffic”.



With the increasing number of population and the vehicles owned by them, it doesn’t seem like that the road traffic problems are going to end soon. Even if the government takes stringent actions in order to resolve the problem, the cause will remain stagnant.